Friday, December 9

Century: Age of Ashes, multiplayer fights with dragons, now available for free

Century: Age of Ashes, the spectacular multiplayer with dragons developed by Playwing, is now available for free on PC through Steam. Anyone who wants it (and who has a team in line to move this title) can download this long-awaited shooter fantasy by teams and start riding dragons in games online six against six.

“Compete in intense 6v6 battles in the colosseum, dominate your dragon and show your enemies your power in frenzied air combat. The coliseum is unforgiving and you have to be too if you want to survive! Succeed with your team in three game modes: Massacre, Spoils Of War and Gates of Fire! “, We can read in the official description from Century: Age of Ashes.

Three classes that will be expanded

In this free multiplayer we can choose our style of play by choosing one of the three unique classes available, each with its own unique abilities: Salvavento is a support class with the ability to disorient an opponent, Stalker is specialized in tracking and destruction, and Spectro is an ideal class for stealth lovers. At the moment the game only has these three types of game, but the creators of Century: Age of Ashes they assure that new classes will be added periodically.

For now we can focus on one and go leveling up to gain new opportunities to make both our dragon and our character unique. Century: Age of Ashes boasts a total customization thanks to an experience system that allows us to earn points with which we can hatch new dragon eggs to ride in battle. Of course, from the beginning they make it clear that all the customization options are only aesthetic.

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When will Century: Age of Ashes arrive on consoles?

At the moment Century: Age of Ashes is available exclusively on PC via Steam, but Playwings confirm the arrival of this expected free-to-play to consoles. Specifically it was said that release on PS5, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, and Xbox One will occur sometime in 2022, although there is still no more specific date. We also know that they intend to publish it on mobile devices, but nothing has been said about a version for Nintendo Switch, so we will have to wait to know if we will see it in the future in the hybrid or not.

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