Saturday, December 3

CD Projekt Announces Cyberpunk 2077 Luxury Watch With Blockchain Technology

Polish companies CD Project and Common have teamed up to launch a wristwatch limited edition deluxe inspired by Cyberpunk 2077, the futuristic RPG developed by CD Projekt RED. The collector’s item, named T-2077, it has a price of 440 euros (sold through the official store) and uses the technology Blockchain to identify its authenticity.

Typically, figures, paintings, and other collector items include as proof of its authenticity a serial number or a number that identifies your position in a limited run of the product. In this watch, the Blockchain as a kind of digital certificate that attests the ownership of the object by the buyer.

“The owners of the T-2077 benefit from the latest Blockchain technology managed by the specialist firm Airanee“They explain from CD Projekt.” This service offers the owner of the T-2077 a digital certificate of authenticity, effectively a digital passport for your watch, mitigating the risk of counterfeits. If the owner wanted transfer ownership, they can easily do it using Arianne’s app. “

The watch itself has a body of grade 2 pure titanium and displays the time with a quartz mechanism on a led screen yellow with a 12 or 24 hour option, protected by a darkened mineral with a sapphire cape. It has a water resistance of 5 atmospheres (50 meters), a battery of lithium and manganese dioxide and organic electrolyte with a capacity of 220 mAh. It can be obtained at three sizes: with circumferences of 17, 18 and 19 centimeters.

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la give it next-gen arrive before april

In other news about Cyberpunk 2077, the developers announced this week their intention to release the version for last generation consoles (PS5 and Xbox Series X / S) before April 2022. In parallel they work on updates and free additional content, as well as on the first paid expansion.

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