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After a very exciting first teaser trailer that culminated in a powerful rendezook, Battlefield 2042 excited as few deliveries do. The release that was released recently represented the return in form to what fans really want; a distant shout to that controversial marketing campaign of Battlefield V. However, the excitement did not last long because DICE and Electronic Arts did not understand the task.

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We must recognize it: Battlefield 2042 it’s a total warfare experience of the highest octane. It is the home of the classic moments Battlefield that will linger in your head for a long time. Why? Well, due to its sandbox design where anything can happen. For example, in a matter of a second, hell breaks loose above you, as if you were in the middle of an action tape; in another, you play John Wick and blast a dozen enemies; and suddenly, you maneuver a helicopter in such a way that you escape with barely a thread of life, or when you have just had your best streak piloting one … these are the moments that only occur in Battlefield. And despite all that is wrong with the game, we must at least acknowledge that it is fun.

And that’s not all, since the Plus system is also a success. This mechanic allows you to change the attachments of a weapon at any time, which is great because the weapon you carry can serve different purposes, for example, if you find yourself in an advantageous situation behind the enemy, you can equip a silencer to avoid appearing on the radar; in other cases you can benefit from having a telescopic sight and a long barrel in order to have better control of the weapon in long-range engagements. This mechanic is a smart and dynamic way to utilize weapon customization elements, and we’d even like to see it in other games.

“The Specialists represent the death of the franchise’s identity”

Leaving aside the positive, Battlefield 2042 It has so many mechanical, theme and design problems that we don’t know where to start. How about the Specialists? These characters are the axis and central theme of the game. For them, a whole futuristic geopolitical background was created, where billions of people were displaced by conflicts and climatic catastrophes; With no chance to return home, they reunite in a global conglomerate, in an identity without a country. The problem is that the conflict is invisible and is forgotten as soon as you give “Skip” to the intro cinematic, and in the end, the conflict ends up being generic: the United States against Russia.

By the way, these new Specialists are special characters that come to replace the classic and iconic class system of Battlefield, is decile, they represent the death of the franchise identity. Each one of them possesses some ability that differentiates them from the rest and they can all equip the tools and weapons available. We will not detail what each one does, we will only say that thanks to them there is no semblance of strategy or teamwork. I mean, you don’t know what others are doing. Who carries bullets? Who cures? Who loads the rockets? And let’s not even talk about the null visual identity that they contribute to the game, since they are the same models on both sides. It’s almost comical.

This leads us to the conclusion that when everyone is a specialist in everything, no one is really special. Battlefield 2042 It is the delivery with more individualism of the saga. Why work as a team? I can resupply myself and even change my armaments with the push of a button. With this, now campers can ride indefinitely.

The sole purpose of the Specialists is to fuel a microtransaction machine with the sale of more characters and skins through a Battle Pass. The plans are noticeable leagues away. It’s no accident that there are all those loading screens at the start and end of a game that only make the experience more tedious. Also, it doesn’t help that the characters ‘lines of dialogue at such moments are awkward, as if they were actors in a bland’ 90s sitcom that only had one episode. They give pain to others.

On the other hand, we have the offer of maps: the poorest of the franchise during its launch with only 7 scenarios that, in addition, lack destructive elements, a characteristic that was key in the development of the franchise during the last decade. All that’s left is a storm that appears from time to time and clouds the stage, limiting visibility.

This is said to be the Battlefield largest in history, with up to 128 players participating! That said, the impression is quite the opposite thanks to the objectives being clustered in the center of the map, with a few exceptions lying ridiculously far away. At the same time, its design leaves a lot to be desired with targets comically located on top of a skyscraper, resulting in unwinnable matches.

On the other hand, we cannot understand the reasoning of the vehicle system. On Battlefield 2042, are arbitrarily divided, which causes any semblance of symmetric war to be lost, in addition to the fact that the quantity per map is limited (remember: we are in the largest maps in the history of the saga). For example, fighter jets and attack helicopters are the same type, when in fact they do 2 very different jobs. It is unheard of that this ignorance exists in the fundamental design of the game system.

It adds to the bad that the offer of game modes is poor: only 2, with a bleak future. DICE recently said that they will add Rush mode, but solely as a Portal ride.

Speaking of Portal, this mode is about a level editor that promises a lot of diversity. Here it is possible to play limited iterations of the past of the franchise. For example, you can play maps of Battlefield 1942 with everything and the original classes, as well as Battlefield 3 and Bad Company 2. Playing Portal is fun, very very fun, however, it is also unfair because it is a window to everything that made great Battlefield, and it has everything that is not present in the main mode, such as the class system, balanced maps and destruction.

It is sad that, on the map of the Battle of the Bulge of Battlefield 1942 —In remake version for 2042-, there is more destruction than in all of the 7 main maps. It’s a shame, especially since the mode is already abandoned and sporadically receives new game scenarios. Despite being fun, Portal isn’t the saving grace of the pack.

“It is unheard of that there is this ignorance in the fundamental design of the game system”

The worst is Hardzone. This modality is the third piece of the experience that is designed as the differentiator to highlight Battlefield 2042 in the battle royale market. Simply put, it is a recovery and extraction mode with elements of economics. Here, players face off in groups to locate and compete for hard drives. The more they extract, the higher their monetary reward that they can invest in more specialized weapons for the following games.

Hardzone is a mode that you play only once, whether by mistake, curiosity or chance, but never to repeat it. The reasons? Balance issues, for example, with players who have advanced weapons and vehicles unlocked, as well as other issues, such as a lack of internal voice communication. But it’s definitely not fun; This is not the experience that players of Battlefield come to enjoy.

It is a joke? No. It’s the preseason rewards

Our time with Battlefield 2042 It makes us think that it was originally a completely different product. Maybe it was Hardzone, because you can tell from a distance that it was not designed as a Battlefield. It shows in the scoring system, rather, in the lack of an adequate scoring system. From its first iteration, Battlefield It awarded points to those who met objectives and worked as a team. Those who contributed the most by doing team tasks were those who led the standings. On Battlefield 2042 there is no such scoring system; You only gain experience to rank up and unlock a new scope.

And let’s not even talk about the numerous bugs that corrupt the experience although, over time, they are remedied and, honestly, they have always been present in Battlefield. Of course, they are important and reveal the bitter truth that the installment suffered during its development, despite the fact that EA, in February 2021, declared that it was already ahead of schedule. Now it is clear that not: the game hastened. However, the real problem of Battlefield 2042 it is much deeper, so much so that no amount of superficial fixes can repair it. From the ground up, this is not a Battlefield.

All of this goes back to the first trailer and how excited we ended up after seeing it. In it, it seemed that DICE understood the game and the players; moment that culminated in the famous rendezook that shook the entire internet. The reality is the opposite: DICE never understood what he does to Battlefield 2042 a Battlefield. He failed in his task.

In conclusion, the only consolation we have with Battlefield 2042 is a title that may be funny at times if you overlook its huge list of flaws, shortcomings, design flaws and, above all, lack of direction and identity. If you made the mistake of buying it and you still have a chance, ask for your money back and stay away from it.


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