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10 best Big Brother seasons for fans who like hilarious contestants

There have been some pretty big and bold personalities on Big Brother, many of whom made their respective seasons the most fun.

each season of Older brother Deliver at least one fun guest. Often there are several funny people who not only entertain the audience, but also the other guests. The way the guests interact with each other is also a successful recipe for a fun season.

Sometimes what makes a player funny is related to something that happened that season or a chain of events and instances. However, for fans who like to laugh at players who are particularly witty, sarcastic, with practical jokes and charming, some seasons of Older brother stand out above the rest.

Older brother 17

James Huling, Big Brother’s resident prankster, was a guest on season 17, and his constant banter with other contestants made for a memorable and hilarious season. The season was fun too thanks to the twist of the twin switch, which saw twin sisters Liz and Julia swapping places in the house, leaving people confused and suspicious at times.

The only James moment that is definitely worth watching was when, during the Hide and Go Veto challenge, he purposely ransacked the house, only for everyone to have to clean up afterward. It was easily done Big brother 17 Hide & Go Veto the best.

Older brother 14

Thanks to Britney Godwin (then known as Haynes), season 14 is another Older brother season for viewers looking to laugh. It also marks the return of other fan-favorite star players such as Dan Gheesling, Frank Eudy and Mike “Boogie” Malin. Britney’s sarcastic and witty sense of humor were in full force for this season, her second time playing.

Once Britney was eliminated, fans still laughed at players like Mike and Frank, who attempted to resurrect Mike’s old “Chilltown” alliance and used their Journal Room sessions to recreate some iconic moments from season 2.

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Season 2

While there were many serious moments in the second season of Older brother, also happens to be one of the funniest in the series thanks to the Chilltown Alliance between Dr. Will Kirby and Mike “Boogie” Malin. Well known for their lively Diary Room sessions, the pair formed an iconic duo.

Together they toured the entire house. Seeing Dr. Will lie and manipulate people and then talk about how easy it was to do it behind his back made fans laugh, both at the ridiculousness of the situation and the gullibility of the other players.

Older brother 12

Possibly one of the funniest Older brother Players of all time, the first season with Britney Godwin will keep viewers on points. Each of his journal sessions was filled with sarcasm and wit. The scene of her impersonating Rachel in her room at HoH, in her wig, was one of the funniest on the show.

Rachel herself was a fun part of that season too, with her emotional and angry outbursts, the iconic Older brother rivalries he was a part of and his show with Brendon. Enzo and his comments also drew laughs throughout the season. All things considered, this is one of the best seasons to see laughter.

Older brother 18

What made this season so much fun was the arrogance of Paul Abrahamian, who, after running the house the entire time, ended up losing to Nicole Franzel in his first of two straight runner-up losses in the game.

As the longest season in the game’s history, this one will provide plenty of entertainment as fans watch Paul try to lie and manipulate his way through every challenge and situation. With this season also featuring joker James Huling, it was filled with lots of laughs.

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Older brother 22

While some fans didn’t like season 22, also known as All the stars, which was clouded early on with rumors of returning players strategizing before entering the house, there’s no denying it was fun to watch.

Enzo was one of the funniest players of season 12, and his charm was in season 22 when he had everyone in the house laughing constantly. In fact, while Enzo was not considered a strategic player, it could be said that he lasted as long as he did at home, until the final, because he was so nice and fun.

Older brother 8

This was the season that Eric Stein named America’s first player, where he was assigned a variety of tasks to secretly complete to win cash prizes. Viewers voted on the tasks, some of which were silly, others ended up forcing him to go against his own alliance. It is for this reason, in fact, that Eric is one of the best Older brother players who didn’t win but should have.

Even though the America’s Player tasks cost Eric the game, watching him try to accomplish each one, from making up a traumatic story from his past to pretending he was a sleepwalker, made this one of the funniest seasons on. Older brother history. It should be noted that this is the same season with Dick Donato, one of Big Brother’s best villains, and his dynamic with others made it worth watching and laughing too.

Older brother 16

Zach Rance was one of the funniest players on Older brother, and this season had a lot to do. From Zach’s hilarious musings and angry outbursts of calling people ridiculous nicknames, to the house turning on Frankie Grande only for him to win a couple of challenges on his own, it was filled with hilarity. Donny Thompson, a fan-favorite player, had a good laugh that season, too.

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The season also saw the Battle of the Block competition with two crowned HoHs having to compete against each other to retain the title, along with votes from the Jury Battle Back and Team America. However, it was really Zach’s presence that made this season one of the most fun.

Older brother 9

Longtime fans may remember the redhead James Zinkand, who was invited to the house in season 9 and brought a lot of fun and personality to the house. After being evicted, the guests themselves voted him back into the house via a spin, proving he was a popular gamer.

Zinkand, who, at 21, was one of the youngest players in history. Older brother, ended up winning the $ 25,000 America’s Choice Jury Prize thanks to his brilliant personality. Nicknamed “Crazy James,” he made time at the house fun and exciting, which, in turn, made it fun and exciting to watch.

Older brother 19

From the beginning, season 19 was full of drama when the house was divided. But the presence of players like Josh Martinez and Alex Ow made it fun to watch. With Josh banging on pots and pans to annoy his enemies, with Alex and Jason Dent’s unlikely friendship and hilarious moments together, it was an entertaining season filled with hilarious personalities.

Along with Josh and Alex, Kevin was also a fun player, constantly reflecting on how much younger players baffled him in terms of their lack of discipline and responsibility for doing simple things like cleaning up the mess. Combined with Raven’s weird stories, it was a fun season filled with hilarious personalities.

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