Tuesday, October 4

YouTube Downloads Now Being Tested – What You Need to Know

There is a lot of demand for how to download YouTube videos, and YouTube seems to be fully in the loop and ready to allow it. The only problem with this legal way of downloading YouTube videos is that there are some caveats.

This news comes from insiders who wrote in Android Police, who revealed that certain members of YouTube Premium, the service that offers an ad-free YouTube experience with offline downloads on mobile devices, have access to this new feature as part of their Labs testing.

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Unfortunately, not all YouTube Premium members have the feature, as we just checked, and it’s not there. That may be because the whistleblowers are from India and France, and YouTube may be testing this feature in specific regions. However, Android Police states that it “appears to be widely available elsewhere.”

To see for yourself, navigate to the address http://youtube.com/new while logged in to your YouTube Premium account, and see if Labs’ “Download Videos from Your Browser” feature is available. The only Labs feature available when we checked is ‘Picture in Picture on iOS’, which has been shown to be buggy (at best) in our tests.

The other big caveat, and this is probably what will prevent this feature from replacing suspicious services, sites, and apps that allow you to download YouTube videos, is that it doesn’t download actual files. records to your desktop or download folder.

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Instead, as in the YouTube application, you can view these videos in your browser at the address http://youtube.com/feed/downloads when you are offline.

Analysis: What is YouTube doing?

It seems that YouTube is trying to find ways to stop pirating content created by creators on desktop computers in the same way that it does on mobile devices. Keeping things within the browser is similar enough to the in-app experience that we wonder why there isn’t a YouTube app for Windows and macOS yet.

If YouTube allows you to create .MP4 files from the videos on your site, we are pretty sure it would be causing a big fight with people who post videos on YouTube.

While YouTube Premium members don’t see ads, the ability to save a video and watch it offline outside of the YouTube site (for example, in the VLC video player) would likely lead to decreased views of YouTube videos. . And that’s something YouTube will clearly want to avoid.


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