Tuesday, August 16

Wongred Us shows off his gameplay • Console and Dashboard

Wongred Us has a new video, in which we can see several scenes of its gameplay. It allows you to get closer to your plot and to an atmosphere that reminds you of the greats of terror.


Wongred Us focuses on a story set in a small abandoned town. The protagonist delves into it, facing psychological horrors that will stagger his mind to the extreme. Without a doubt, we must not minimize the importance of puzzles or combat against enemies that leave us no other option than to fight to advance.

Exploration in the third person is key to discovering the city in which we find ourselves. Following the essential of the open world and style Dark Souls, we will find non-player characters, with their different missions.

Its creators, Delusional Studio, have been inspired by the atmosphere of Silent Hill to endow your creation. Also, in the gameplay of Resident Evil. For now, it is in a very early stage of its development. The launch is expected in 2023, both on PC and consoles.


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