Tuesday, August 16

What left voice and vote: with Orlando Arduh, Marcos Carasso and Silvia Quevedo | Politics | The voice of the interior

This Tuesday a new Voice and Vote program was broadcast, the political program of Córdoba with the leadership of Federico Giammaría and Florencia Ripoll.

In the first block were the leaders of Together for Change, Marcos Carasso, president of the Radical Civic Union (UCR) and Orlando Arduh, president of the JPC block of the Cordoba Legislature.

Both agreed that radicalism is strengthened after the elections and on the need to institutionalize Together for Change in Córdoba.

Later, the Barrios de Pie leader was interviewed and claimed the role of social organizations as a political actor. He assured that social plans “must be emergency, not permanent.”

At the end of the program, Bajo Word arrived with Juan Manuel González and Mariano Bergero commenting on the details of the relationship between senator-elect Luis Juez and deputy-elect Gustavo Santos, the CPCs that do not work and that mayor Martín Llaryora has in his sights and the invitation to the elected deputies to the Honeycomb.

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