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Violent robbery in Carlos Paz: “They grabbed me by the hair, threw me to the ground and took aim” | Events | The voice of the interior

A woman suffered a violent robbery this week on the Villa Carlos Paz waterfront and denounced that they “grabbed her by the hair” and pointed a gun at her to take away her bicycle.

The incident occurred on the South Interbalnearia Coastal Road, which connects El Fantasio neighborhoods with Solares de las Ensenadas, at the height of the entrance to the Altos de Carlos Paz private neighborhood.

Paola Bastida, the victim, who was returning home from the gym and was surprised by two thieves, who not only robbed her but also acted with great violence.

They pointed a gun at him

“I always do that journey by bike because I was confident that nothing was going to happen to me; But when I was in the country on the part of the dirt road, two men appeared to me, grabbed me by the hair, threw me to the ground and pointed a gun at me, ”Bastida told Carlos Paz Alive.

And he continued: “The oldest one took my bike out and the youngest one dragged me down the dirt road to get my backpack with my phone on it. They escaped quickly and when I managed to get up to ask for help, I saw that they were running for the river “

The woman said that it was another woman in a car who assisted her and called the police. “The police took about 10 minutes and they also helped me. I was in civilian clothes, they told me they were from Investigations, so they went into the river and searched. Then I went to file a complaint, “he added.

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Stolen bicycle.

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