Sunday, December 4

“Verstappen is the second best driver in F1”

Daniel Ricciardo was Max Verstappen’s partner for three seasons at Red Bull. He attended his F1 debut, got hold of it, and then opted to quit the energy drink squad.

The Australian already hallucinated with the debut of the Dutchman at the Circuit de Catalunya, when the now leader of the World Championship was only 18 years old. “I remember your first session in Barcelona. I remember looking at his data and it was like, ‘OK, he’s not going to waste time.’ He has that speed, that pure speed, that lack of fear. Now he has the maturity that makes him top, “he says in an interview on

The oceanic maintains that the relations were and are good between both. “As a person, I like Max. It has probably been easier to get along after being partners, without having those face to face. But I think he has matured. I like the way he runs this business. We are very different, but I think he’s very true to his word. He does not go around with a lot of nonsense. I respect him for that, “he says.

When it comes to equal treatment at Red Bull, Ricciardo has no complaints except for one but. “The meetings were never hostile. From the point of view of the car, from the point of view of the configuration, I never questioned that the material they gave us was the same. But, sometimes, the point of view, did not feel that it was the same in some situations “, spear.


Daniel has no doubts that his old boxing neighbor will win the Great Circus crown. “If not this year, I think Max will inevitably win a world title. I do not want to say that it is something easy to achieve, but he has all the traces to achieve it, “he predicts.

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The current McLaren driver, yes, comes out very well on who he sees as the most prominent competitor on the current F1 grid. “Until the day I quit … keep believing that I am the best“he proclaims. And when asked whether Verstappen is second best, Ricciardo replies:” Probably, probably. “

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