Wednesday, August 17

Valve confirms that it does not plan to develop exclusive titles for Steam Deck

Valve confirmed just a couple of days ago that they are currently engaged in the development of titles specifically designed to take advantage of the features offered by Steam Deck, their next portable system that will go on sale in February 2022 after a delay due to the release. component shortage. These latest statements by the company led by Gabe Newell made users doubt whether Steam Deck will receive exclusive titles, although in a new list of frequently asked questions aimed at video game developers interested in the laptop (goes PC Gamer) we have been able to get out of doubts. No, Steam Deck will not have exclusive games.

Steam Deck is, in essence, a very compact computer designed as if it were a portable console. Because it is ultimately a PC, Valve does not plan to develop any game that can only be played on its new system and there is no forecast that other studios will do so. “That doesn’t make a lot of sense to us. It is a PC and games should be played like a PC“, the company clarified when asked about whether Steam Deck will have exclusive titles. Naturally, this clarification does not invalidate the point that titles are going to be developed that take advantage of the system’s functionalities, although we now know that these will be playable on PC .

Steam Deck should allow virtual reality games

Within the list of questions, other types of questions were raised, such as the possibility of playing virtual reality titles. “Technically it is possible. You can install and add any game just like you would on the Steam desktop. Simply install the application and then add it to Steam from desktop mode and it will appear as on any PC. “Regarding game compatibility, Valve shared a system designed to check the games compatible with the system and throughout these last months we have seen the most interesting titles such as Horizon: Zero Dawn or Devil May Cry V working surprisingly well in this promising portable system.

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