Sunday, November 27

USA: Democrats announce bill against bots in online shopping

As if that were not enough, the shortage of supplies in electronic components, the increase in demand due to the new customs imposed by COVID-19 and the dates of large purchases -Black Friday, Christmas- add another obstacle to obtaining this product. how much you want: bots or computer programs that buy the new stock the moment it becomes available. A group of Democrats in the United States has announced a proposition called Stopping Grinch Bots Act that wants to stop or at least curb these bots.

Whether it’s a next-gen console like PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series, PC graphics cards, or even sports shoes, if they’re in short supply, they become a target for those looking to resell them. Several senators want to end these “cyber Grinches” – in reference to the character who steals Christmas – and the idea has good intentions, but according to reports PC Mag, in 2019 it was already tried and it was not very successful. After the pandemic, the problem has increased.

Stopping Grinch Bots Act is supported by consumer groups and will be based on the Better Online Ticket Sales Act of 2016, which fought against the resale of concert and sporting events tickets: apply these security measures on online sales pages. However, what can be easy in events that require physical presence -buying tickets- with the millions of online transactions is much more complicated to apply, and also it seems that not all chain stores are concerned about bots: As long as they sell products, they don’t care if they are different customers or a few resellers.

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More complicated than it seems

“Any attempt to fight this requires the cooperation of countless stores in the United States, making changes to their websites and sales policy that from their perspective probably has no incentive,” he says. Kotaku. “Also, although the stores may partially alleviate the problem, they will not solve it, because there is a problem with the demand, it is not from the stores“The shortage of production is real and there will always be resale until the situation can be improved.

AMD noted that chip supply shortages could last until 2023.

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