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US politicians target resellers with a bill | LevelUp

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The pandemic dramatically increased the number of Internet sales and this was used by groups of hoarders and resellers to make their own. Soon, the hype for consoles like the PS5 and Xbox Series X attracted the attention of scenes of resellers who specialized in exclusive tennis models and it was a matter of time before they diversified their business. Today, the resale of consoles is a problem that seeks to be addressed and the United States Congress will seek to do something.

Politicians go against resellers, although the name of their law is not so scary

According to a Kotaku report, a group of representatives of the Democratic Party have joined forces against reselling and through a bill they seek to combat this phenomenon that is affecting consumers, not so much companies because in the end they it doesn’t matter who buys your products. This initiative has a curious name, “Law to Stop the Grinch Bots”, and yes, that explains why in the illustrations of this note we have used the character who wanted to steal Christmas, just as the resellers are doing with the desire to Many gamers to brand new a PS5, Xbox Series X, or a high-end GPU this holiday season.

According to the proposal of the “Law to Stop Grinch Bots”, the objective is to have tools, as well as support and participation from companies and stores to improve their security systems so that the bots used by resellers do not hoard the products in the presales.

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There are resellers who show off their loot

The war against resale bots is about to be declared in the United States

Also, the bill states: “The average Christmas shopper cannot compete with the speed of light of the now common Grinch bots and is then at the mercy of resellers when trying to buy Christmas gifts. This is a year round problem! it affects everyone! From PlayStation, to Jordan tennis shoes, Nvidia cards and movie tickets. “

The bill that seeks to curb resellers is inspired by the Better Online Ticket Sales Act of 2016, which acted directly against the scene of hoarders and resellers of event and concert tickets, leading responsible companies to improve their systems of security to not allow the operation of bots and that also resulted in harsher fines and penalties against those who engaged in this activity.

Although the “Law to Stop the Grinch Bots” advances, it is too late to apply it this holiday season so it would be until 2022 when something could be carried out.

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