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To the rescue! Rare Hires New Design Director for Everwild | LevelUp

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Rare is a development studio that has a long history in the video game industry, gaining popularity during its collaboration with Nintendo. This is why he was taken with awe when his new franchise was announced, Everwild, but sadly the excitement has faded after it became known that the project is having complications. There is good news today, as Rare already has a veteran to lead development.

Years ago, Rare revealed Everwild and months later it continued to offer development updates, but in recent months there has been no news, which combined with the absences at important Xbox events, has made fans think that development is in trouble.

What raised the most suspicion is that by the end of 2020 the creative director of the project, Simon Woodroffe, had left Rare and later rumors emerged indicating that, in effect, Everwild it was going through problems and it was even said that development was restarted.

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Everwild already has a new design director

Fortunately for fans looking forward to this new game from Rare, it was just confirmed that Rare hired a talented creative to take over design direction for the project.

The developer in question is Gary Napper, who revealed through his Twitter account that he is the new member of Rare, as well as his position on the creative team.

“Excited to announce that today I joined Rare as Director of Design for Everwild. I really hope to do great things with this amazing team and studio, “Napper said.

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Who is Gary Napper?

If you don’t know Gary Napper and are hoping that Everwild be a great game. You should know that the project is in good hands, as it is a very experienced developer. Napper has worked at Supermassive Games, Sony, Creative Assembly, Criterion, EA and was a design lead for Alien: Isolation, one of the best Alien games.

Despite reports of complications in the development of Everwild, the head of Xbox Game Studios commented that it is natural that there are challenges in the creative process, revealing that the situation that Rare is going through with Everwild It’s not out of the ordinary and that there should be no reason for concern, rather Rare will show more of the game when it’s ready to go.

What do you think about this? Are you looking forward to the new Rare project? Tell us in the comments.

Everwid is in development for Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, and PC. You can find more news related to him if you visit this page.

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