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They will raffle a Halo energy sword and Master Chief’s helmet made of Swarovski crystals | LevelUp

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The premiere of Halo Infinite is right around the corner and Xbox Game Studios couldn’t be more excited about this. The clearest proof is in its ambitious advertising campaign, which seems to have a bit of everything. We’ve already seen fan activations, augmented reality ads, and now there’s a collaboration with a popular jewelry brand.

What happens is that, on Xbox Wire, Xbox ad a collaboration between Halo Infinite and Swarovski. This collaboration will result in the production of 117 collectibles that will be made with brand crystals to make a clear and direct reference to Halo in an elegant and unique way.

The collectibles in question will be an energy sword and a recreation of the Master Chief’s helmet. Of course, do not get too excited thinking that they are life-size replicas of the legendary objects of Halo. From what you see in the photos, they will be collectibles that you can put in the palm of your hand without much problem.

You can see it below:

A luxury collaboration

In other news

How to get collectibles from Halo y Swarovski?

Anyone who is a fan of Halo And from luxury collectibles you are wondering how you can get one of these items. Here we have good news and bad news: the first is that they can be obtained without having to pay a single peso, the bad news is that obtaining one will not be easy.

What happens is that the collectibles of Halo and Swarovski are not for sale. The only way to get them will be in a raffle that Swarovski organized on their website. It is worth mentioning that the raffle is only open to residents of the United States, so it leaves out a lot of fans of Halo from different parts of the world.

What do you think of these collectibles? Would you buy them if they went on sale? Tell us in the comments.

The campaign of Halo Infinite It will arrive on December 8, while the Beta of its multiplayer is available from November 15. You can learn more about this long-awaited FPS from 343 Industries by clicking here.

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