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TCG Factory: Their Latest Games of 2021 • Console and Board

December is usually a month full of new releases. TCG Factory will take advantage of the Christmas season to release different board games. Some already have a date.


The publisher and distributor will not only launch new titles this month. Reprints are part of their December plans, helping to fill Christmas gatherings with games.

Doodles and dungeons

On December 17, Doodles and dungeons will hit stores. From 2 to 4 players, from the age of 10, will compete to create their own dungeon, through drawing. The games will last from 40 to 60 minutes.

Created by Ulrich Blum and illustrated by John Kovalic, the pencil behind Munchkin, we will place walls and traps in different spaces, without forgetting the monsters. We will need them to destroy the heroes, bent on stealing our treasures.

Each participant will have their own blank sheet to fill in as the challenge progresses. With effort and work, they will show that the impossible do not exist. It is defined as a family title.

TCG Factory

Spies in the shadows

Brett J. Gilbert and Matthew Dunstan, as authors, and Dennis Lohausen, in charge of illustrations, propose us to become the most famous detective in history. To do this, we will organize our own spy network, with its distribution in different cities.

It will be the way to complete the missions demanded by clients, in games of 20 to 30 minutes. Its rules are presented as simple and intuitive, to be internalized in “just over five minutes,” as the publisher details.

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For its part, it will offer a “fair bit of interaction between players.” This family proposal can be enjoyed between 2 and 4 participants, from the age of 8. It will also be a reality on December 17.

Unmatched Caperucita Roja VS Beowulf

Unmatched: Caperucita Roja VS Beowulf

This self-playing expansion of the hit Unmatched It could be ready in December, but also in early January. In any case, add two new combatants. They will fight each other or combined with any of the existing ones.

Little Red Riding Hood arrives accompanied by the hunter, as well as useful objects in her basket. For his part, Beowulf unleashes all his anger in the company of Wiglaf, with his superhuman strength. This box adds specific rules, with its possibilities.

Thus, the top card of Little Red Riding Hood’s discard will be the basket, with a special symbol determining the moves. Beowulf will have three pieces to measure his anger. Each time he takes damage, he will gain a rage point, to be used to perform special effects. In addition, the map through which they will move will have doors, to open and close as part of the maneuver action.

Noah Cohen, Rob Daviau, Justin D. Jacobson and Brian Neff are behind the game, illustrated by Marc Aspinall, alongside Ian O’Toole. It is a challenge for 2 players, lasting 20 minutes, indicated from the age of 8.

Escape Tales Children of Wyrmwoods


Between the beginning and the middle of this month of December, the saga returns Escape Tales, through its three deliveries: The Awakening, Without memory and Kindred of Wyrmwood. They combine deduction with puzzles, decision making, and storytelling.

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Is also back Unmatched Cobble & Fog, another self-playing expansion of Unmatched. In this case, he invites us to meet Dracula, the Invisible Man, Jekyll and Hyde and Sherlock Holmes himself.

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