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Supergirl Finale cover is a late entry for Best of the Year

Bilquis Evely and Mattheus Lopes’ cover for Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow # 8 was just posted on Twitter and could be a candidate for cover of the year.

The cover of the latest issue of Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow is a contender for best of the year. The issue will be released on February and it will be the eighth in the series. The cover was illustrated by Bilquis Evely and colored by Matheus Lopes, who showed the cover on Twitter on November

Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow so far it has been a critical and commercial success for DC Comics. The story of Tom King, Bilquis Evely, and Matheus Lopes follows Supergirl as she travels the galaxy with a partner named Ruthye, who seeks to hire Supergirl for a mission of revenge against her father’s killer. Supergirl agrees to hunt down the killer, a man named Krem, after he wounds Supergirl’s dog, Krypto, with a poison arrow.

In addition to creating covers for the entire series, Evely and Lopes have also been working on the inside pages. Perhaps best known for her work on Dreaming, Bilquis Evely’s artwork is a perfect match for the whimsical story adventure across the galaxy. Evely’s work depicting a supernatural world in Dreaming he set her up well to represent the strange planets and alien peoples that Supergirl visits throughout the series. But the book’s often fun and airy nature shouldn’t be confused with softness. King’s specialty is dividing characters through difficult and arduous trials, and that’s what he does. Supergirl and Ruthye grapple with hard-hitting themes like loss and grief as they hunt down the brutal criminal.

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These strong pathos are on full display on the cover of Evely and Lopes. Ruthy is nowhere to be seen. However, his sword did. The weapon has played a prominent role in the series. It was used to kill Ruthy’s father and she offered it to Supergirl in exchange for killing Krem. It is unknown who or what enemy Supergirl faces in the final issue, though she is certainly battle-worn on the cover. The superheroine’s costume is torn and covered in blood as she sits on an alien beach, gazing contemplatively out to sea.

Though readers won’t know the fights King has in store for Supergirl until trouble comes up if the cover is any indication, the Girl of Steel is going to go through the wringer. There has certainly been some tough competition throughout the year, but Bilquis details combined with Lopes warm colors elevate this late entry to cover status of the year. Comic book fans shouldn’t be surprised to see Super girls last cover in the list of the best covers of the year.

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