Sunday, December 4

Striking Chinese action RPG Arise of Awakener revealed in new gameplay

Arise of Awakener, the new Medieval fantasy RPG announced at the Tokyo Game Show 2021, it is shown in a new and extensive gameplay of almost 10 minutes that delves into the characters that we can choose for the adventure, the combat system and enemies that we are going to face. Title developed by the Chinese studio Taner Game with Unreal Engine 4 To be more specific, it is an open-world fantasy ARPG set in medieval Europe, slated for release PlayStation and PC consoles in 2023.

As several users have pointed out in the comments, Arise of Awakener bears some resemblance to the saga Dragon’s Dogma. It should be noted that this gameplay It is a development version and therefore the final result may differ, so It is not representative of the product that will arrive at its launch. In the game we can control a medieval knight with a combat system that is very familiar to those accustomed to the genre: we can make use of different light and heavy weapons to attack our enemies, in addition to being able to dodge and perform some special actions to land more powerful killing blows.

We can travel on the back of a dragon

In addition to the conventional enemies, we will also be able to face some final enemies, such as a fire breathing red dragon or warrior that will force us to use the skills we have learned in our game wisely. On the other hand, we can also see several areas that we can visit during the course of the adventure, such as a ruined castle or what appears to be the exterior of a citadel, and at the time of its announcement it was confirmed that we could fly on the back of our own dragon.

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