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Seriously? Someone bought a virtual yacht for $ 650,000 USD | LevelUp

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Although we don’t like to admit it, it is undeniable that NFTs are becoming more and more relevant in the video game industry. Therefore, it is not surprising that experiences based on these controversial objects are increasingly common and, to no one’s surprise, popular. Whether or not they are the future, there are clearly people who are willing to shell out large sums of money for these virtual items.

This week the news broke of an anonymous person who acquired the Metaflower Super Mega Yach yacht for the modest amount of $ 650,000 USD, which would be equivalent to more than $ 13 million. Rich people who buy expensive yachts are the bread and butter, but the interesting thing about this case is that the individual actually acquired a virtual vehicle from a game that is still in development.

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The person bought a virtual yacht to use on virtual beaches

Specifically, we talk about The Sandbox, a title that calls itself a metaverse and uses Blockchain technology. This experience, which is similar to Roblox, is currently in the alpha phase, but players can already explore several of its aspects.

In this metaverse under construction it is possible to find The Fantasy Inslands, a project that houses 100 private islands that have their own residences and land. These areas are NFT, which means that they are unique and can be sold. Thus, the individual who bought the polygonal and expensive yacht can use it to travel around these islands.

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The marine vehicle has 4 floors, 2 helipads, a DJ booth, a dance floor and an attractive Jacuzzi. Of course, all this would be much more spectacular if we were talking about a real yacht.

Finally, The Sandbox has already raised an impressive $ 90 million in investments and has partnerships with more than 165 brands and artists, including Snoop Dogg, DeadMau5, Avenged Sevenfold, Smurfs, Manchester City, Square Enix, Atari and many more.

But tell us, what do you think of this case? Do you think NFTs are the future of the industry? Let us read you in the comments.

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