Monday, November 28

Riot cancels League of Legends All-Star 2021 due to coronavirus restrictions

It seemed that little by little we were going recovering normality in the big esports tournaments after living this year MSI and Worlds of League of Legends or, outside the MOBA of Riot, big tournaments like PGL Major Stockholm 2021 of CS: GO or The International of DOTA 2.

Nevertheless, Coronavirus restrictions once again weigh down the plans of the big e-sports tournaments and a few hours ago Riot Games has come to the fore to announcer la cancelacin del All-Star 2021, an event that regularly served to celebrate the end of the competitive season by bringing together the best MOBA players, old legends, influencers and a large audience in a friendly tournament.

While we are satisfied with the successes of the MSI and the Worlds, after careful thought we have taken the difficult decision to cancel the All-Star event of this year due to travel limitations due to COVID-19“Riot comments in its official statement.”This decision has not been made lightly as we know that many fans and players around the world were hoping to close out the LOL season.“.

Quarantines, visa problems and an unconvincing online format

One of the main problems that Riot has cited in making this decision is the quarantines, which were going to force most players to be isolated for most of the duration of an event that lasts only three days, so isolating yourself for a couple of weeks beforehand doesn’t make as much ‘sense’ as it does, for example, in about Worlds that last for weeks. In addition to this we must add the rtravel-level restrictions that are currently being imposed after the appearance of a new variation of the coronavirus that still needs to be investigated to know its characteristics in depth.

As for the reasons for not holding the event online as was done in 2020, Riot Games points out that an internet version does not capture the spirit of the All Star, What is it “bring together professionals, influencers and fans to enjoy LOL esports together with a competition between regions“.

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