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President Loki gets a Hot Toys figure complete with Alligator Loki

Disney + Loki Tom Hiddleston’s President Loki variant of Disney + is the latest character to join the Marvel line of Hot Toy, featuring Alligator Loki.

Disney + Tom Hiddleston’s President Loki Variant Loki is the latest character to join the Marvel line of Hot Toy, featuring Alligator Loki. The character appeared in episode 5 of the Disney + series «Journey into mystery«As leader of an army in the Void. The character is inspired by 2016 Vote on Loki comic series.

On LokiPresident Loki makes his debut after Loki’s main variant (Hiddleston) is pruned and sent to the Void. When he is rescued by Classic Loki (Richard E. Grant), Boastful Loki (Deobia Oparei), Kid Loki (Jack Veal), and Alligator Loki, he is taken to his hideout which is soon assaulted by President Loki’s forces who were tipped off. by the Boastful Loki, before President Loki betrays the Boastful Loki. President Loki is soon betrayed by his own army before Alligator Loki bites his hand while a fight ensues. The main variant of Loki and Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino) have already received figures from Hot Toys, and now President Loki is joining the couple in line.

Listing for pre-order in, The Sixth Scale figure features the smiling image of Hiddleston in President Loki’s tattered suit, complete with a presidential campaign insignia and crown. President Loki includes a pair of fists, a pair of gesturing hands, a pair of hands to hold daggers, a pair of hands to hold the baton, a pair of spell-casting hands, a walking stick with the theme of a candy cane and a pair of daggers. The figure also comes with an Alligator Loki with a hinged jaw, as well as a stand with a nameplate and lenticular bottom. The figure will cost $ 285 and, although an estimated date is not given, it is presumed that it will ship in 2022. See the images in the following figure.

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Alligator Loki quickly surpassed his presidential counterpart after his nimble debut, and even Hiddleston adopted the Variant over others, so it’s no wonder to see him included in this figure. The crocodile Loki was an early idea from writer Michael Waldron who had suggested when meeting with Marvel, wanting the show to include the craziest ideas. Alligator Loki was quickly embraced by fans, and Steve Irwin’s son Robert even dressed up as Marvel’s antihero in a real alligator dressed up as Alligator Loki for Halloween.

President Loki is sure to be a welcome addition to any Marvel fan’s Hot Toys collection. The variant was one of the first aspects of the show to be teased before people realized its role, and the recognizable comic design appeared throughout much of the promotional material. With Loki By offering many unique shots of the character, fans can look forward to seeing the other variants of Loki from the Void join their collections.

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