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Money is no obstacle! Gamer Creates a Cheap Gaming Steering Wheel with a Seat and Mouse | LevelUp

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Gaming wheels are one of the most epic accessories and you want to have one. The problem is that many of the options are expensive and not all of us can shell out thousands of pesos on such a taste. Luckily, human ingenuity always finds a way to overcome these challenges and as an example we have a player who made his own flyer out of things he found at home.

In a post that is going viral on Reddit, a user shared a homemade gaming flyer that he found on the internet. This is an extremely cool idea to use a drum seat as a steering wheel.

How do you do it? It’s simple: You take a clamp to hold the mouse (which is configured to control the steering wheel in the game) and underneath it you put the seat. Thus, the user moves the seat as if it were a steering wheel and the optical sensor of the mouse detects it as movement.

We still know that a video says more than a thousand words, so we leave you the demonstration below:

Of course this solution does not compare to a complete steering wheel. After all, gaming wheels feature pedals, better grip, and there are even some with motors that offer vibration and resistance to increase immersion.

Despite this, we believe that this is a really clever solution, especially for those who do not want to immerse themselves too much in the world of simulation and just want a more fun way to play.

And to you, what do you think of this solution? Would you like to do something like this so that you can play racing titles as if you had a steering wheel? Tell us in the comments.

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