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Modding for Beginners • Console and Dashboard

If you consider yourself a good gamer, then most likely you already know everything about him modding, the new trend of modification and customization of computers that is causing a sensation in the community, to the point that not only the PC’s are customized, but also the rest of the peripherals that are part of the equipment and even, the gamer desks and the chairs.

Although the main intention seems to create thematic collectible pieces, the truth is that this practice improves the gaming experience, which is why every day more players invest time and money in this activity than, believe it or not, also it can be relaxing.

In case you want to start modding, but have no idea about it, you have come to the right place, because here we are going to tell you everything you need to know to start as soon as possible.

What is modding?

Let’s start at the beginning, defining what modding is, well, it can be said that it is a discipline that consists of modification and customization of a computer both aesthetically and functionally, to improve its appearance and also its performance.

Now, can modding only be applied on computers? The good news is that no, since all the peripherals of the PC can also be modified and also the furniture that is used to play.

But wait, there’s even better news, it can be done too modding on consoles, so if you have one of these, you can customize it with the theme of your choice.

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Types of modding

Before becoming a modder, you should know that there are several types of modding, which are the ones that we present below:

Stock Modding

Like it or not, all modders start with stock modding, which is nothing more than the modifications made to the computer’s CPU case. Generally, bright lights, LED fans, and clear windows are installed to give the equipment a more futuristic look.

Object Modding

Once you have taken a liking to modding you will not want to stop and to differentiate yourself from the rest of the gamers, you will surely begin to do modding, which consists of removing all the pieces from your PC and placing them inside another box, container or housing. As long as the components fit, imagination is the limit.

Scratch modding

For modders, Scratch modding is the goal, that is, everyone wants to get to the point of being able to build and customize their gamer computers from scratch, that is, from the design, sketches and calculations, to the performance and usability of the equipment .

What do you need to get started in modding?

The first thing that is needed is imagination, since as such, there are no clear rules about how to become a modder, therefore, at first, it will only be enough to create a simple design and then, procure the tools and materials to start with the project.

As we mentioned, most beginner modders start with installing fans and LED lights on the computer’s CPU. In terms of materials, some of the ones that beginner modders use are as follows:

  • Dremel
  • Welding kit
  • Spray Paints
  • Cutters
  • 3D printing
  • Transparent or translucent colored acrylic sheets

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