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Hideo Kojima wants to go to space and is willing to give everything to get it | LevelUp

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Regardless of who he may, Hideo Kojima has made his way into the video game industry and is one of the most iconic creatives and is recognized for his great passion for movies and music, which have influenced his ideas. Kojima is a man who, like everyone, has dreams and the greatest is to go to space.

Hideo Kojima always gives something to talk about, be it his fans or his detractors. This time it is not precisely because of a criticism or an opinion, but about his desire to go into space.

The creative participated in a presentation with Oricon and in it, when talking about dreams, he reiterated that his is being an astronaut. Let us remember that their video games are in a certain proportion related to space (such as Zone of the Enders and Policenauts).

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Kojima would drop everything to go to space

As we mentioned, it is not the first time that Kojima talks about leaving planet Earth to feel outer space.

As reported Vice, in the newly published book The Creative Gene, Kojima in a 2009 essay says that he would like to go to space before he dies. The developer does not want it to be an extravagant trip like one to the Moon or Mars, and what is striking is that he said he was willing to give everything to make that dream come true, such as his job, his family or his own life.

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“I would be satisfied with just a brief orbit, a little beyond Earth, where I can gently brush the outside. I would give anything to make that wish come true: my current role as a game designer, which I have built for 45 years; I’m even willing to leave my family or my own life. That is how intensely I — or rather, we — yearn for the cosmos, “Kojima commented.

In the recent interview (via Kotaku) commented that the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) is receiving requests: “And I think about what I should do, how I would have to get rid of my work, it is something that worries me,” said the creative.

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Will Kojima ever get to space? Tell us in the comments.

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