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Halo Infinite Player recreates classic family guy meme

A Halo Infinite player has recreated a classic Family Guy meme, wearing the redesigned Yoroi armor from the game instead of Peter Griffin’s clown suit.

A Infinite Halo fan has used the game’s colorful armor to recreate a classic Family man meme. A big selling point of the new multiplayer shooter is the wide range of customization and decoration options available to players who want to individualize their Spartan armor and stand out when they enter the battlefield.

Following its surprise release earlier this month, Infinite HaloThe free multiplayer mode has earned some praise for its exciting gameplay. However, some players are not satisfied with the cosmetic system of the game, which they consider too expensive. The full game is still scheduled for release on December 8, 2021, but aura enthusiasts can freely access the open multiplayer beta on Xbox One, Xbox X / S, and PC. The game has already started offering events as well; one of the first is Infinite Halo‘s Fractures: Tenrai Event, offering Yoroi samurai armor for players pursuing their Battle Pass.

Infinite Halo player SolarnautFX He customized his Spartan’s Yoroi armor to recreate a classic Family man meme. Calling the armor «Clown, «The player shared his image of his Spartan in action in aurasubreddit, receiving more than 5,000 upvotes. The creation of SolarnautFX is a tribute to the scene of Family man season 2 episode 17, “He’s too sexy for his fat,” in which Peter is dressed as a clown among soldiers in military dress. The original clip can be viewed on YouTube courtesy of the user. Czarkesm. Peter’s outfit is more in touch with a clown costume than SolarnautFX’s Spartan, but the homage to the scene is still a very effective meme, with the quote from Peter who believes that his outlandish outfit will grant him protection from the soldiers. enemies. which will target army guys instead of clowns.

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See the original post on Reddit here.

SolarnautFX’s eye-catching outfit makes use of the Yoroi armor from the aforementioned Fractures: Tenrai event. As impressive as the armor is, and as effectively as this Reddit user has used it for meme purposes, Fractures: Tenrai has thwarted Infinite Halo players, who are upset that some pieces of the set have to be purchased separately, while others can be unlocked through regular play. There have also been some false advertising allegations regarding the color schemes attached to cosmetics, and even players who enjoy the game have considered giving up the title thanks to these concerns.

Regardless of these complaints, and the more general problems with Infinite HaloOverall, SolarnautFX has found a fun and unique use for the Yoroi armor, which has certainly amused many. aura players on the subreddit. Even the best aura armor, the Orion suit, is included, if it ever is, the imaginative creations generated by the players of Infinite HaloThe open beta will have to entertain fans who are still waiting for the full release of the long-awaited shooter.

Infinite Halo is available for Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, and PC, and will be released in full on December 8, 2021.

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