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Halo Infinite: Hackers’ Situation Will Be Worse Than CoD: Warzone, Cheating Expert Says | LevelUp

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The multiplayer beta of Halo Infinite It debuted on November 15 and, in general, the reactions of the players were extremely positive. Of course, there are some details that little by little begin to become a headache for the community. One of them is the overwhelming presence of hackers in the games, which undoubtedly detracts from the experience.

The cheaters arrived at the game within hours of its surprise premiere. Sadly, the issue is going from bad to worse, even prompting console gamers to ask to remove crossplay in hopes of not encountering PC hackers.

These complaints reached the ears of the developers, who earlier this week explained that inevitably hackers will never completely disappear from the shooter. Of course, they assured that they will take action on the matter to combat the problem and that new anti-heat measures are already among the plans.

Cheaters can take over Halo Infinite

Hoping that cheaters will have a harder time accessing games, the community remains extremely concerned. Of course, recent statements by the Anti-Cheat Police Department, a group dedicated to gathering information on hacks, did not help calm the nerves.

Through its Twitter account, Anti-Cheat Police Department stated that the situation of hackers in Halo Infinite It will be “much worse” than the one that lives Call of Duty: Warzone. For those unaware, Activision’s popular Battle Royale is currently suffering from quite a sizable wave of cheaters that will hopefully diminish in intensity with the debut of a new anti-heat system.

Therefore, the idea of ​​thinking that the 343 Industries game will end worse than Call of Duty: Warzone it is undoubtedly terrifying. Luckily, the cheating expert group explains that dedicated server clients can slow down the efforts of cheaters.

Either way, it is undeniable that hackers are here to stay. Halo Infinite. We only cross our fingers so that Microsoft and 343 Industries are able to control the situation and prevent the problem from getting out of proportion.

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But tell us, have you already run into any cheats in multiplayer? Let us read you in the comments.

Halo Infinite It will debut on December 8 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC. You will find more news related to him if you visit this page.

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