Monday, November 28

GTA: San Andreas Definitive Edition adds fog and looks much better

The remakes included in Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition have been criticized for many reasons: errors, crashes, bugs, little detailed modeling … But beyond that, in social networks and forums it was widely commented how the remake from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas haba lost personality from the original title released on PS2, Xbox, and PC between 2004 and 2005.

This is due to two changes made by Grove Street Games, the developers of these remakes. For one thing, the original game had a greenish filter which gave a unique visual packaging to the Rockstar Games title, and that has been lost here to sharpen the image.

Secondly, Los Santos, the open world of San Andreas, was perceived in the mid-2000s as a huge and unfathomable scenario. But today it seems like a very contained open world. The problem is not size, but Grove Street Games removed the fog of the remake, despite the fact that in his day he had a dual purpose: artistic and technical.

Rockstar Games had to hide the gaps in the drawing distance of the machines of that time, and for this they used the fog. When eliminated to show off drawing distance, the remake It allows perceive how small the world is when climbing a tall building or using an airplane, which gives a feeling that has not been liked by everyone.

Therefore, in patch 1.03 released on November 30, one of the changes that players have most appreciated has been the option to activate the fog from the graphics menu on San Andreas. The result is obvious, and as YouTube user ‘Killazspain 2’ shows, it also improves the attempts of the modders to aadirla.

Over 200 bug fixes in two patches

The compilacin GTA: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition still has quite a few glitches, but Grove Street Games are hurrying to solve them (in just two weeks they have published two patches that fix more than 200 bugs). Perhaps the bad feelings that the title has left in its premiere will change with the passage of weeks, months and updates.

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