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Genshin Impact 2.4 Beta Test: Major Leaks Explained

The Genshin Impact 2.4 beta is underway as data mining and leaks have surfaced online to tell fans what kind of content to expect in the next update.

Updating version 2.4 of Impacto de Genshin there are still many weeks to go, but the Impacto de Genshin The beta 2.4 test is now available. As usual, the beta testing data mining efforts have caused various leaks to start showing up online. For those eager to see what kind of content to expect, the next update reportedly sees the return of some fan-favorite events, new characters, and a new region.

Impacto de Genshin 2.3 was released earlier this week, so it may seem strange that 2.4 content is already popping up online. Developer miHoYo releases major version updates every six weeks, so version 2.4 won’t arrive until early January. Still, for anyone used to the way miHoYo normally releases things, beta testing for upcoming releases debuts around the same time as new updates. So while 2.3 is still new to the game, a lot of fan attention has already been focused on what to expect next thanks to the Impacto de Genshin 2.4 beta.

As in the previous Impacto de Genshin Beta testing, users selected to participate had to sign NDAs (Confidentiality Agreements). However, this hasn’t stopped fans from mining data and leaking content early. As miHoYo has begun to crack down on leaks, this has not completely stopped leaks of Impacto de Genshin 2.4 from the surface. For anyone interested, here are the biggest leaks from the Impacto de Genshin 2.4 beta test so far.

Genshin Impact 2.4 beta leaks point to a new region, Enkanomiya

Enkanomiya has already been mentioned in the game, including in the missions “The Moon-bathed Depths” and “The Heart of Watasumi.” The entrance to the new region in Impacto de Genshin can be found near the Sangonomiya Shrine, which already offers players a glimpse. Since Enkanomiya leaked from the Impacto de Genshin 2.4 beta, several prominent leakers in the community have verified additional information about it.

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According to Celestia ProjectFor example, Enkanomiya will have an alternating time cycle. This will be between Evernight and Whitenight and will provide different environments in the new region. Nine new subareas are also expected for players to explore. Inazuma updates for Impacto de Genshin It has provided several new and strange areas over the past few months, so it will be interesting to see what unique things Enkanomiya has to offer if it hits version 2.4.

Genshin Impact 2.4 beta leaks point towards Ningguang and Yun Jin Hangout events

Leaks from Genshin Impact 2.4 beta is also pointing towards new Hangouts events. So far only a few characters have earned Hangouts Events, but they have proven to be quite popular. the Impacto de Genshin 2.4 leaks hint that Ninggunag and Yun Jin will have their own Hangouts. This is especially exciting because Yun Jin is a new playable character that is expected to hit version 2.4.

Fugas de Yun Jin en Impacto de Genshin dates back to last year, when the then-unnamed character was part of character data mining efforts. Since then, leakers had suggested that his name was Yunjin, before myHoYo officially confirmed Yun Jin earlier this month. Hangouts events provide additional time for players to hang out with characters they might not have otherwise gotten to know, so new Hangouts in Impacto de Genshin 2.4 are definitely a welcome addition.

Genshin Impact 2.4 Leaks Show New Shenhe Character Mission

Recently, both Yun Jin and Shenhe were officially confirmed as playable characters. While Yun Jin supposedly has his own Hangout event, the Impacto de Genshin 2.4 leaks say Shenhe will get a Story Quest character instead. Shenhe is a new Cryo user and polearm wielder, and based on her information, she is expected to be a 5-star character when she arrives.

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So far, miHoYo hasn’t given Yun Jin or Shenhe a release date, but it’s almost confirmed that they will arrive. Impacto de Genshin 2.4. Both will join an ever-growing roster of polearm characters, and Shenhe may be the more powerful of the two. Few details have emerged about what players can expect in Shenhe’s Story Quest, but it should be nice to spend more time with such a new character.

Genshin Impact 2.4 Leaks Hint at Lantern Rite and Xiao’s Return

Last year’s Lantern Rite Festival in Impacto de Genshin it was also important to Xiao. The Lantern Rite event is based on the Chinese New Year, which would coincide with Impacto de Genshin 2.4 content, running through February 2022. If this is true, players can earn a free character through the event, along with other great rewards like Mora, EXP Books, and Primogems.

Fans were expecting a replay of Banner for Xaio and Ganyu, and the return of Lantern Rite in Impacto de Genshin 2.4 could support this theory that both 5-star characters will appear as Banner reruns in the next update. Now that miHoYo is running 5-Star Character Banners consecutively, it seems more and more likely that both Ganyu and Xiao will get their own soon. Given the Lantern Rite leaks, Xiao seems to be the one most likely to run again, if only one of them does.

Genshin Impact 2.4 Leaks Suggest Windtrace Event Is Making A Return

The Windtrace event in Impacto de Genshin It proved popular when it debuted as well, so a rerun makes a lot of sense. This PvP minigame was essentially a hideout, offering useful rewards like Primogems and Mora. Interestingly, the Windtrace event appears to be in seven new locations for Impacto de Genshin 2.4: four locations in Inazuma, two in Liyue and one in Mondstadt. While it may seem a bit early for Windtrace to run again, these additional locations should be a good way to keep the event fresh and exciting.

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So far, much of this information on Impacto de Genshin MiHoYo has not officially confirmed the 2.4 leaks. These events and new content will typically only be officially released during one of the Impacto de Genshin Live broadcasts of the special show, so it may take several weeks before fans can know for sure if the new region, events, and characters will arrive as part of the Impacto de Genshin 2.4 update. However, the leakers have a pretty good track record with the game, and beta 2.4 is currently underway, so it seems highly likely that most or all of these leaks are accurate.

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