Saturday, November 26

Frantic Ghostrunner to Receive Project_Hel Expansion on January 27

Those responsible for Ghostrunner announced today that next month they will release an expansion for this frenzied first-person shooter. Is about Project_Hel, content that they say started out as a small downloadable add-on but has grown enough to be considered a complete experience. So much so that it will be put on sale at a price of 14,99 euros in Spain on Thursday January 27th. Be available for all platforms where we can find the base game, that is, PS5, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch and Amazon Luna.

Project_Hel to be the biggest DLC of Ghostrunner to date and, as those who have already played it will intuit, it will put us in the shoes of one of the most important and challenging characters of the original plot. The expansion will consist of six missions in which we will follow the adventures of Hel in his descent through the Dharma Tower. Obviously we can also expect new types of enemies, final bosses and six new songs composed by electronic composer Daniel Deluxe. Those who cannot wait for next month can register here for participate in the expansion beta.

Christmas cosmetic pack as a gift next week

In addition to the expansion, the developers of Ghostrunner They announced today a new cosmetic content pack that will arrive on Tuesday, December 7, for the holidays. Be a free pack which includes swords and gloves for the protagonist, both inspired by the gifts typical of these dates.

“It is a complicated game, with some difficulty peaks that will require a multitude of attempts to complete each situation successfully, but it is, also, a very satisfying and spectacular game, with which it is easy to freak out when you get a good move “, we told you in our analysis of Ghostrunner, in which we conclude that “if you like platforms and first-person action and, above all, if you like challenges, Ghostrunner he deserves a chance. “

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