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Dead Cells celebrates 6 million copies sold by announcing its third and final DLC

Motion Twin, studio responsible for the successful Dead Cells, has announced through its official profile on Twitter that this project has already reached the 6 million units sold among all platforms since its launch in August 2018. On the occasion of this milestone, and taking advantage of the fact that it is the 20th anniversary of the company, the studio has also revealed what will be the third and last DLC from Dead Cells.

Is about The Queen and the Sea, an additional chapter that will be released on both PC and consoles early 2022 at a price of $ 4.99 (which at the exchange rate in Spain will remain at 4,99 euros, the same as its other two DLC). Below you can see the first teaser trailer of this content:

Two biomes and a challenging final boss

“The DLC The Queen and the Sea bring yourself two additional biomes [Infested Shipwreck y Lighthouse] for the endgame zone (one of them with a surprising twist!) and a new deadly final boss“, you can read in the video description on YouTube. The most important thing about this chapter is that you offer a new alternate ending for Dead Cells at the same time as finalizing the DLC trilogue that began early last year with The Bad Seed and continued in January of this year with Fatal Falls. That s, this does not mean that the study is going to stop releasing free updates.

Dead Cells is disponible en PS4, Xbox One, PC, iOS y Nintendo Switch. In our analysis we tell you about it that “it is such a great game, with so much content, so well designed and studied, with such addictive gameplay and with such an attractive audiovisual section that it is impossible for us to get tired of it, automatically becoming one of the our favorite games of this year. An essential that you should not miss “.

Below these lines you can see a gallery with the first images of the next DLC of Dead Cells.

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