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Corrientes: operation to burn marijuana covered a town with smoke, they had to suspend | Events | The voice of the interior

A federal judge in Corrientes had to suspend the burning of 21 tons of marijuana in Colonia Libertad because the inhabitants complained about the effects of the smoke that advanced on their houses and for fear that it would generate consequences for their health.

The Municipality told them that they never authorized the destruction of the drug in the kilns of the sawmill that is located within the town.

The mayor, Roberto Fracalosi, said that “on Thursday of last week a Gendarmerie commander told us that the destruction of drugs was going to be carried out in the town’s sawmill, but we never authorized this procedure.”

The marijuana burning operation

The operation began on Monday at mid-morning, according to Clarín. The town was flooded with vans and trucks from the Gendarmerie and the Naval Prefecture.

The deployment surprised the little more than 2,000 inhabitants of Colonia Libertad. At first, the forces transported some 7,000 kilos of marijuana to the sawmill and began burning it in the oven, which operates in the middle of the town.

Smoke covered the town

The gusts of south wind prevented the smoke from rising and quickly won over the houses with its particular smell. Neighbors, fearful of having their health affected by inhaling the smoke from the incinerated marijuana, quickly called Mayor Fracalosi to have the procedure suspended.

Vice-mayor Francisco Tribbia and the municipality’s legal advisor arrived at the place and began negotiations so that the same forces requested the federal judge of Paso de los Libres, Gustavo Fresneda, the cancellation of the operation due to the danger it represented for the health of the population. .

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The mayor Fracalosi said that “no inhabitant of the town had to receive medical attention, but this upset everyone. The main complaint was about the smoke that invaded all the houses. We do not know the consequences that smoke can have on health and that is why we ask that (the burning) be suspended and the possibility of doing it elsewhere be considered ”, he added.

They had to suspend the burning

The municipality’s efforts were echoed by the Federal Justice, which used another argument to reverse the operation. “From the court they sent us an official letter in which they tell us that the rest of the destruction will be carried out elsewhere because the capacity of the sawmill’s furnace is very low,” said the mayor.

However, the inhabitants of Colonia Libertad will still have to endure the smoke this Wednesday until noon, when the destruction of a last remnant of the 7,000 kilos that had been taken to the place is carried out.

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