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Córdoba: chatted for 10 months with a Moroccan, fell in love and got married because of Zoom | Citizens | The voice of the interior

The Cordovan native of San Francisco, Romina Acosta, met a young Moroccan with whom she chatted on WhatsApp for 10 months. They fell in love and decided to get legally married for Zoom. The man will come in 2022 to meet her personally.

Romina’s story is unusual. The woman said that she met her husband from Morocco through a friend.

“I met him on WhatsApp through a friendship I had with another Moroccan. He didn’t know how to speak much Spanish and I knew how to speak a little Arabic because I really like Arab culture and religion, ”the woman told the Lagarto Show program.

Romina said she did a lot of research before saying yes. He was the one who proposed.

“I investigated many things, because society has many prejudices regarding Arabs. I gave myself the opportunity to meet him, he always treated me with respect, ”she said. In fact, he will be the first to come to live in San Francisco for a time with the purpose of meeting his wife personally and touring Argentina.

The procedures were initiated by both equally, each in their respective country. The pandemic did not allow the husband to travel previously and that was the justification before the Justice of each country to celebrate the wedding remotely.

San Francisco: Marriage by Zoom

“It was not possible due to the pandemic, precisely because of the pandemic many distance marriages were enabled in the world, I went to the San Francisco civil registry and they did not know much about the subject, but the judge said it could be done,” Romina said.

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The woman said that “it was a love of the heart, a love of the soul.”

“Many like physical appearance first, but this was the other way around, knowing inside and then outside,” he added.

“The cell phone, the video call made us get closer. Sometimes you have a person next to you and you feel lonely, I never felt alone, “he concluded.

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