Tuesday, September 27

Collect 2706 copies of Sneak King, Burger King’s Xbox 360 video game

Seeing is believing. A Reddit user has shared a most unusual video game collection made up of 2706 copies from the Burger King video game released on Xbox 360 known as Sneak King. What is your end goal? Get each and every one of the copies distributed around the world, a task that seems practically impossible at first glance, although it seems that he is taking it very seriously. According to reports from Kotaku, the subject in question is neither more nor less than the wrestler Leroy Patterson.

It is very likely that you are somewhat disoriented because Sneak King It’s not exactly a well-known title, so we’ll give you some context. Sneak King it’s a video game produced by Burger King exclusively for Xbox 360 and released in 2006. The curious thing about this title is that it could not be purchased in conventional video game stores, but that it was sold for an additional four dollars for those who bought a menu in a restaurant of the fast food chain. In addition, it was sold for a very short period of time -between November and December of that year- along with two other games also produced by Burger King.

A stealth game in which we manage the Burger King mascot

What is going Sneak King? We basically put ourselves in the shoes of the Burger King mascot and try to convince several people we meet on the street to buy us a hamburger. The game also featured some stealth mechanics, although you can already imagine that it is not a big deal. Patterson began his collection with the three Burger King games, although he was not satisfied with so little, so he decided acquire 50 copies at once from Sneak King when he came across them in a thrift store and so on until he reached more than 2000 copies. What does Patterson say in his defense? The fighter assures that “if someday they are worth something to be rich, but if they are not worth anything, it will be a funny story.”


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