Friday, November 25

Bienvenido a Plathville: All The Signs Max & Moriah Are Over

Welcome to Plathville, fans speculate that Max Kallschmidt and Moriah Plath have ended their year-long relationship. Could it be true?

Although Welcome to Plathville Stars Moriah Plath and Max Kallschmidt have been going strong as a couple for over a year, viewers are beginning to believe that they secretly parted ways. Moriah decided to move to Tampa with his older brothers and assumed Max would follow soon. For the most part, the two reality stars seem to be happy together, but something may have happened that caused them to leave.

Moriah grew up with authoritarian parents, Kim and Barry Plath, and her childhood can affect the way she has handled her relationship with Max. Unusually strict rules, which did not include sugar or revealing outfits, helped make the charismatic Moriah the woman she is today. The self-proclaimed rebel often rejected her parents’ rules, and by season 2, she had found the strength to venture out on her own. Fans watched as the Welcome to Plathville Star went on a date with Max and never looked back.

Moriah has been adding some pretty cryptic posts lately. Seven weeks have passed since Welcome to Plathville The star last posted a photo of herself and her boyfriend. Since then, Moriah She has shared some insightful posts that focus on her not being changed by anyone. A post read, “My greatest fear is dying wishing I had not given up on my dreams.” His followers have been concerned about the state of his relationship with Max, and wonder if it has worsened. Fans can check out the post below to form their own opinions:

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There have been some other possible clues about Moriah and Max that have surprised. First of all, Max wasn’t always supportive of his girlfriend’s free-spirited ways, as he was caught on film telling her that he needed to cover up more. He was concerned that she would enjoy the attention of other boys and felt that some of her outfits showed too much skin. Most recently, Moriah was spotted in Tampa without her Max promise ring. She was spotted with a mysterious man who turned out to be Olivia Plath’s brother, and fans couldn’t help but notice that Max didn’t seem to be there.

TLC has yet to confirm Welcome to Plathville season 4, but viewers expect cameras to follow Moriah, Micah Plath, and Ethan Plath during their adventure in Florida. If there was a split, it is quite possible that the show’s camera crew captured it on film. As a couple or single, Moriah is a positive young woman who always seems to land on her feet. Viewers will have to keep checking your social media page to see if you address the breakup rumors.

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