Tuesday, November 29

Battlefield 2042 loses thousands of players after two weeks of its release

Battlefield 2042, the new multiplayer-focused war shooter from DICE and EA, has not gotten off to a good start. Following widespread complaints I received early access for your number of bugs and performance issues, the debut title with mostly negative reviews on Steam and is currently listed as the worst rated installment of the saga in Metacritic. As if that was not enough, according to the data collected by SteamDB (goes VG247), the game is losing a large number of players reaching even below Farming Simulator 22.

A loss of thousands of players to the title problems

It is obvious that users have not taken well at all the countless problems that have accompanied the game during its first weeks; we can find from bugs that can easily turn the tables of the games when completely unbalance them to more serious failures with the hitboxes of some specialists. According to the aforementioned media, Battlefield 2042 managed to position itself among the Five Most Played Steam Games At Launch, although the joy was short-lived for the title, since just two weeks after its debut the game has lost more than 60% of active players on the Valve platform.

The maximum player count for the new Battlefield installment over the past 24 hours has been 34.005, a number that at first glance may seem very high, although it is well below the 105,397 users who were enjoying the title at its premiere. The loss of players as they lose enthusiasm for the game after its release is quite common, although in this case it is alarming considering the little time that has passed since its debut and that it is a experience entirely geared towards multiplayer modes, so it is essential that the community is active.

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