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Arcane’s Silco Coming to Teamfight Tactics | LevelUp

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Good news for fans of Arcane! Riot Games revealed that Silco, the beloved villain of the animated series, is coming to TeamFight Tactics.

“For the first time in history, we will add an exclusive unit of TFT, Silco, to the update within the set of Hulks and Gadgets during February, ”said the studio on its official blog. “That’s right, you read that right: the head of the most popular Suburban District of Arcane will arrive at the Convergence ”.

According to Riot, adapting Silco from the small screen to the video game was a very challenging task, as it is the first unit to debut in TFT without appearing before in League of Legends. In that sense, it was a different challenge for the development team.

“Normally we are able to adapt champions of League of Legends a Teamfight Tactics (with a lot of work involved), but Silco does not come from League of Legendsso we had to create it from scratch, ”explained Riot.

“Creating a unit as sinister and powerful as Silco is not an easy job,” he added. “But power does not come to those who were born stronger, faster or smarter. It reaches out to those who have a thoughtful conception of champion design ”.

Silco model in TFT

Unfortunately, Silco is still in the early stages of development so Riot did not set a date for his arrival. At the moment, all we have is a preview of your model.

“We are not yet ready to share details about the Silco team, I can say that he will be the mastermind of the fight,” said Riot. “And although it is the first unit out of LoL in joining TFT, more outsiders will join us in the future. Perhaps even someone who does not belong to Runeterra. “

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The suggestion to see other characters unrelated to League of Legends on TFT it certainly sounds attractive. But for now, it’s good to see Silco at the Convergence.

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