Monday, December 5

Above Snakes, survival and construction in the next Crytivo • Console and Board

Tobias Schnackenberg, as developer, and Crytivo, as editor, work on Above Snakes. He presents himself as a builder in an isometric world, in which to practice fishing, hunting, cooking and crafts.


At the moment, it is known that Above Snakes will come to PC, via Steam. Before that, you will have to pass the test on Kickstarter, where you will seek the support of the community. The financing search campaign is scheduled for the month of January.

As we see in the trailer that accompanies this announcement, we will have to survive a wild nature. We will create our own world by placing asymmetric mosaics, while we explore biomes and discover the secrets of the earth. Lost souls will complicate existence.

When it comes to survival, you will have no choice but to master crafts, cooking, fishing and hunting. Therefore, agricultural crops and gardening will have an important weight. Its managers confirm a long-term progression system, guaranteeing a extensive replayability.

From its history, we know that it takes inspiration from the Wild West, although with zombies in between. There will be tribal conflicts, which we will discover at the hands of its young protagonist. This will try to find out who you really are, balancing the gathering of resources with basic needs such as hunger, thirst, fatigue and mood.

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