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8,000 years of Forza Horizon 5 player banned for Kim Jong-un vinyl

The creativity of the players of Forza Horizon 5 to decorate your vehicles has no limits … Or almost. There are some topics that are not allowed and one player has learned it the hard way: with a ban from the game servers for life. His crime: an image reminiscent of the fast food chain Kentucky Fried Chicken but with the image of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un instead of Colonel Sanders.

“My friend has told me that he has an expulsion of almost 8000 years for one of his vinyls” –until the end of the year 9999-, posted a user on Reddit. “It seems that Turn 10 does not like jokes. He had never received any notice before this expulsion. This is his first ban“. The expulsion did not come from Playground Games -game developer- but from the Turn 10 Studios team. If you are used to creating your vinyl, keep in mind that political issues of this type can have serious consequences.

Forza Horizon 5 player banned for life for Kim Jong-un's vinyl

In the decoration you can also read other guides, such as #SendNukes reminiscent of the request to send nudes (#SendNudes) but with nuclear weapons, while the Pirelli logo now says Pyongyang. Another image indicates parallel 38, which is the line that separates the two Koreas.

Forza Horizon 5 player banned for life for Kim Jong-un's vinyl

A must for fans of arcade driving

“Those who play the saga for the first time with this installment, whether they are fans of driving games or simply want an adventure in which to explore a diverse and interesting world, will be surprised, and probably fall in love with the series. many others for whom the Horizon Festival of Mexico is not the first, and for them it seems like one more of the same with news and improvements that do not revolutionize what is already known “, we have in their analysis. “You can see symptoms of exhaustion after three such similar games, but of course, it is one more of the same that has been the benchmark of the genre for several years, trapping us for tens or hundreds of hours on its roads, and staying permanently installed in our consoles or PC because there is always an excuse to come back alone or with friends“.

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