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343i on cheating in Halo Infinite: ‘They’ll never go away entirely’

The free multiplayer beta of Halo Infinite It was released on PC and Xbox on November 15 prior to the final release on December 8. Since then, problem with cheats it has been increasing. There are computer players who use third-party programs to see through walls (wallhack) and / or to automatically target (autoaim). The situation has led some console users to ask for an option to disable cross-PC play. The problem, according to 343 Industries, “never completely disappear”.

John Junyszek, community manager of the studio responsible for the saga since Halo 4, took to Twitter in the early morning of November 30 to talk about cheaters. “Unfortunately, the cheating is a natural part of maintaining a game free to play for PC, and it’s something we anticipate [antes del estreno]”says the 343 Industries spokesperson.

“Never completely disappear, but we are prepared and committed to launch constant improvements for our game systems and to take actions against those who act badly “, continues Junyszek, who clarifies that these improvements do not refer only to anti-cheat software,” but also to the rest of the game. “He explains:” It is written in this way because we do not take a ‘unique feature’ approach, but rather a whole game approach to fighting cheating“.

Jynyszek hints that in the future there will be a in-game method to warn that a player is or may be using cheats. For now, remember that the only way to do this right now is by sending a notice through Halo Waypoint. Remember that “including video evidence makes things a lot easier for the security team of Halo“.

The crossplay and the traps

Cheater problems have affected almost all online PC games, especially free ones. However the The debate has intensified with the introduction of cross-play between computers and consoles, something positive in allowing friends to play together regardless of the platform, but which has led to users of Xbox, PlayStation or Switch to encounter more cheats (although there are also cheat methods on consoles).

One of the titles that has starred in the debate has been Call of Duty: Warzone, the battle royale Activision free. With the release of its new map on December 8, a renewed anti-trapping system for PCs that requires access to the operating system kernel, a measure that also took Valuing from Riot Games since its release, but it was highly discussed among the gaming community.

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