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Will Steam Deck feature exclusive games? Valve reveals it | LevelUp

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Steam Deck, Valve’s portable PC, will hit the market in a few months and both gamers and developers still have some doubts about the system. For this reason, the company made a publication with frequently asked questions about its hardware with its respective answer.

Most of them are aimed at developers and distributors who dream of seeing their games running on the Steam Deck, which will be based on the popular PC gaming platform. One of the frequent doubts is related to the possibility of seeing exclusive games in the system. Valve finally clarified this issue, as it gave a definitive answer.

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No, Steam Deck will not have exclusive games

Steam Deck is a portable PC, so it will share the ecosystem and feature compatible games released on Steam. Valve recently talked about whether they are interested in bringing exclusive titles to their system library.

The answer was more than clear, as the company stated that there will be no exclusive games on Steam Deck. This is precisely due to the philosophy behind the system already mentioned above. Valve stressed that their hardware is a PC as such, so having exclusives doesn’t make sense.

“Would Valve be interested in having exclusive titles on the Steam Deck? No, that doesn’t make a lot of sense to us. It’s a PC and it should run games like a PC, ”Valve wrote on the FAQ page.

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Steam Deck uses a custom version of SteamOS and the idea is that users can enjoy their Steam library from launch day. This with the attraction of being able to play in portable mode or being able to take the system anywhere to easily connect it to a screen.

Now, the above does not necessarily mean that there will not be games specially designed for the Steam Deck. In fact, Valve is said to be working on something called Citadel, whose goal is to showcase the best of its new hardware, according to some sources.

The absence of exclusive games on the Steam Deck is not a surprise, but it is normal that Valve wants to resolve any possible doubts about what its expected system will offer in early 2022.

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