Friday, November 25

They buy an NFT yacht for $ 650,000 for a game that has not yet come out

a yate NFT with design low poly for a video game still in development based on the technology blockchain and self-defined as “metaverse” has been purchased by an anonymous user at a price of 650.000 dlares. How do they specify from PC Gamer, the Metaflower Super Mega Yatch has been acquired by 149 Wrapped Ethereum (WETH, a variant of the Ethereum cryptocurrency).

Before going into details, it is necessary to explain what is the Sandbox. It is a kind of Roblox with aesthetics low poly centered on user generated content. That content, whether it’s character skins or digital locations, are NFT, that is, they are unique, and therefore are sold at high prices in a market based on speculation, such as a skin of a “Professor” that costs $ 16,354.80.

Within that metaverse they have created “The Fantasy Islands”. It is a “project of luxury real estate development with 100 private islands NFT (composed of NFT lands in the Sandbox and architecturally unique 3D vacation homes) in the blockchain de Ethereum”.

The almost millionaire purchase that stars in this article, made seven days ago, is for a yacht, called Metaflower Super Mega Yach, whose owner can enjoy these islands. The digital ship has a DJ stage, a helicopter landing pad, a swimming pool, and other spaces.

“The Metaflower is a unique ultra-luxury megayacht”say the creators of this NFT, The_Fantasy_Collection_Sandbox, who are specialized in modeling “a suite of deluxe NFTs designed to the Sandbox. The yacht also gives access to Fantasy Marina, one of the spaces on those islands, and “is designed to be the jewel in the crown” of this self-styled metaverse.

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Large Industry Companies Investigate NFTs

During the last weeks, renowned companies in the video game industry such as Electronic Arts, Ubisoft and Zynga have discussed their intentions to investigate the application of NFTs and technology blockchain in video games. However, at the moment not even the companies themselves are clear about what that application will be like.

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