Friday, December 2

There were no surprises and, for now, seven Second teams pass the round




SToday, eight Second Division teams played the Copa del Rey matches, corresponding to the first round of the Copa del Rey 2021-22, the most inclusive in history in which for the first time there will be teams from regional categories. .

There were no surprises, no thrashing, and the seven Seconds qualified for the next cup round. That s, the leader of Segunda, Almera, had to reach the penalty shootout against the eagle to be in the hype in the next cup draw. While Burgos scored in prolonged time UD Montijo.


Huesca arrived in Cayn with the clear idea of, despite the changes, being faithful to their style since the arrival of Xisco. The team maintained its composure at the defensive level and it cost them but it was time to take a step forward in attack. We had to wait until the second part for Marc Mateu scored the first goal in a center that became a shot that did not interpret the Cantabrian goal well.

I helped the double yellow of Resines, caused by individual actions on the forward of the subsidiary, Carlos Kevin, which closed the victory in a play against after a pass again from Marc Mateu in the last minute of the game.


Valladolid spent the round suffering in Marchamalo against the bottom of Group V of Second Federation, that made things really complicated for him and that he was even better in many moments of the game. With barely reaching the area for most of the encounter, Pacheta he was forced to pull some of the headlines during the second period.

The goal came in a Alvarito’s highly protested penalty over Toni. Roque Mesa He was in charge of marking the maximum penalty in the last minute to avoid an extension that the Castilian manchegos deserved.


After nine official matches without winning, Alcorcn, bottom of Second Division, found themselves with the victory in their visit to Teruel in the Copa del Rey. A Hugo Fraile’s goal from a penalty, decreed by the hands of Fabio Conde, gave the yellows the round pass and, incidentally, to Fran Fernndez his first triumph since he returned to Alcorcn. After that, Alcor was able to sentence and Teruel, leader of Group III of Second RFEF, had the tie in the boots of Stphane Eman, but the 0-1 was final.


Relatively comfortable match for a Cartagena that won thanks to two goals from Alfredo Ortuo to a brave Racing Rioja who stood up to him until the last minute of the game. The first bars of the first half, both locals and visitors maintained a constant balance that was broken from the minute 12 when Efes acquired the status of favorites monopolizing practically all the occasions offensive.

In the second half, Efes will revolutionize the game with the entry of De Blasis, Nacho Gil and Gastn Silva to unclog the funnel that the Cartagena club was having in the first section of the second part


Sporting did their homework and followed the logic by beating UC Ceares at The Molinn. Of course, the team of David Gallego, who had a couple of opportunities that did not materialize, could not close their classification until the final whistle. A goal from Csar Garca, in the first half after a corner kick, it was enough for the rojiblanco team to savor a victory again.

GUILAS 1 (3) – 1 (5) ALMERA

Almera will be in the second round of the Cup after struggling against eagles and which he could only overcome in the penalty shoot-out. It was a highly contested and exciting match until the end. And it is that it had to be decided from the eleven meters, where those of Rubi were more successful. The Andalusians went ahead by means of Juan Villar in the first half with a real great goal that slipped through the squad of the goalkeeper defended by The saints, who was the best of his team.

After the break, the Murcians reacted and were superior. In 57 ‘, they equalized the game by Kalu Uche and they were able to do some more. The indlicos They were also able to increase their rent, but Sam Costa missed a penalty.


Burgos complied with the file imposing on a fighter Montijo when everyone was thinking about playing overtime. The locals were a well-established team that complicated the life of the Castilians and forced the black-and-white goalkeeper to make worthwhile saves.

Had to wait at the last breath for Riki, in a great shot, to achieve the victory goal and give his team a pass to the next round.

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