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The Xbox Cloud experience will improve with Clarity Boost for Edge | LevelUp

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Cloud technology applied in gaming is designed to facilitate player access to many titles regardless of whether they have a console. Microsoft and Xbox have been some of the main drivers of this proposal, with their pros and cons, but if something is worth noting, it is that for them things are not limited to facilitating access, but they seek to go further.

Xbox seeks to improve the cloud gaming experience

Today, Xbox announced its plans to improve the gaming experience from the cloud with “Clarity Boost” technology, which is applied in game sessions carried out from the Edge browser, that is, all you have to do is log in to your Microsoft account and go to the official Xbox site to be able to enjoy video games from the cloud, of course, as long as you are an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriber.

Clarity Boost will improve the visual experience in the cloud

According to Microsoft and Xbox, Clarity Boost operates through the client to improve scaling and visuals when playing from the Edge browser. This technology is in the testing phase, but it is possible to take a look at it from now on and the idea is that by next year it will be available to all users.

How can I test Clarity Boost on Xbox Cloud?

According to Xbox, testing Clarity Boost on Xbox Cloud requires:

  • Descargar Microsoft Edge Canary
  • Confirm in the Help section | About Edge that is version 96.0.1033.0 or later
  • Enter the Xbox official site and log in
  • Open the More Actions menu
  • Select the Clarity Boost option

At the moment, this is possible through the Edge browser on PC, so if you want to see the improvements that Clarity Boost can bring to your gaming experience in the cloud, do not delay.

Stay informed, in LEVEL UP.

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