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The Samsung Galaxy Note is reportedly gone for good, but its innovations will endure

The Samsung Galaxy Note line is officially ready, according to the Korean news site. ETNews. Not only will there be no Samsung Galaxy Note 22, but the production of the 2020 Galaxy Note 20 range has apparently also reached the end of the road.

It should be noted that the source of this information is not clear, and ETNews simply indicates that it “has been confirmed”, but if it is accurate, it is not entirely surprising.

We’ve been hearing about the end of the Galaxy Note line for some time, especially as Samsung clearly saw that the Galaxy Note 21 was expendable in a year where the global chip shortage was very strong and it considered folding to be a priority, and all the evidence points to 2022 looking very similar, with no end in sight of silicon supply constraints.

But just because the name of the Galaxy Note can be retired, it doesn’t mean that the core concepts that gave it such a loyal following have been lost forever. In fact, all signs point to its wholesale adoption with the Ultra model of the Samsung Galaxy S22.

Samsung Galaxy Note: What’s in a Name?

The Galaxy S22 Ultra, according to the most recent leaks, will look a lot like the Samsung Galaxy Note 20, with a 6.81-inch screen (while the other Galaxy S22 phones are getting smaller) and a dock for the S Pen to sit on. .

It is that last point that will be music to the ears of those who feel so strong for the Galaxy Note that they were willing to ask Samsung to secure its future. While the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and Galaxy Z Fold 3 are compatible with the S Pen, it is an optional extra that is a bit difficult to handle. Without a dock to place the S Pen when not in use, it feels less integral to the device, and of course can easily get misplaced.

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By returning the S Pen to its rightful place within the phone, hopefully Samsung is sending a message: the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is nothing without its S Pen.

With that in mind, does it really matter that it’s not technically a member of the Galaxy Note family? I’d say no – it’s the hardware that counts, and whether it’s an S-series phone or a Note, as long as it has the big screen and the S Pen built in, it should turn out to be a winner.

However, this has a possible downside: the price. The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will likely be hugely expensive given that the Galaxy S21 Ultra retailed for $ 1,199, and while it may be a reasonable replacement for the Note 20 Ultra, there is nothing for budget-minded S Pen lovers. Where is the replacement for the vanilla Galaxy Note 20 or the Galaxy Note 10 Lite?

Hopefully that will be addressed in time. But if not, it will be the real loss of the Note brand, not the superficial brand.

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