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The director of XEL talks to you about what is being achieved with the game | LevelUp

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A few months ago we talked to you about XEL, an interesting game inspired by The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild which aims for a launch in 2022, and which continues its development at a good pace. Because of this, the director of the title has just shared a video where he tells you more details about the project.

XEL will arrive next year on all current consoles

XEL is being created by the German studio TinyRoar and will offer you an action-packed 3D adventure with a fantasy and science fiction environment, where you will play Reid, a young woman who was shipwrecked in a strange place and who does not remember anything about his past.

More and more details about this game are known, and now it was the turn of its director, Maurice Hagelstein, to tell us what he hopes to achieve with XEL and show us more of your gameplay.

Here you can see it:

“We are very proud of XEL; We set out to create a game that achieves all the rhythms of a classic action-adventure title, like exploring a mysterious world with an eccentric protagonist. We have innovated a lot in the typical formula and we are looking forward to the players immersing themselves and beginning to delve into the story of Reid and his journey, “said the director.

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As you can see, those responsible for the title talked about the process of creating characters and how the present style was reached in the current version, which will surely improve even more when XEL launches first for the Nintendo Switch during the summer of 2022, and shortly thereafter for the Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

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