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That? Streamer uses Donkey Kong bongos to play CoD: Vanguard | LevelUp

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The multiplayer of the franchise Call of Duty It is famous for being one of the most popular and therefore competitive on the market. Of course, there are thousands of people who invest many hours every day with the sole purpose of being the best. For this reason, we are constantly surprised by the impressive feat of a streamer who had no better idea than to play CoD: Vanguard with Donkey Kong bongos.

In case you don’t know, Nintendo released a special GameCube controller in the shape of a pair of bongo drums along with Donkey Konga and later with Donkey Kong Jungle Beat. However, we never imagined that, over 10 years later, someone would use it to get kill streaks in Sledgehammer Games’ multiplayer game.

This CoD: Vanguard player takes out his enemies to the beat of the bongos

Of course, we are talking about streamer DeanoBeano, who is widely recognized in the community for his ability and talent to use all kinds of unorthodox controls to play various titles. In the past we saw him use a drums, a flute and now Donkey Kong bongos.

The content creator and musician explained in a live stream that he uses a USB adapter that he connects to the PC to play with the Nintendo controller. For its part, use the 4 buttons at the top to aim and alternate between different commands to perform other actions such as jumping and shooting.

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Certainly, DeanoBeano is very skilled with that curious control. In a recent game he managed to rack up an impressive 105 eliminations, which includes kills and assists. For his part, he was also able to correctly execute a No Scope, a technique that consists of hitting a shot with a sniper without aiming.

In statements for the portal Kotaku, the content creator said he was inspired by SuperLouis64, who also used bongos to play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

DeanoBeano has a Twitch and YouTube channel and, although it is not very popular on these platforms, little by little it gained great visibility thanks to the short clips that it began to upload on its TikTok profile.

But tell us, do you think you would be able to repeat the feat of this player? Let us read you in the comments.

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