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Supernatural: 10 Unpopular Opinions About Castiel, According To Reddit

Supernatural fans on Reddit have many unpopular opinions about Castiel that most would not agree with. These are some of his hot shots.

For 12 years, alongside Sam and Dean Winchester and between seasons 3 and 15 of Supernatural, Castiel was the angel on his shoulders (plus Dean), who quickly became one of the best and most beloved characters on the show after his epic performance. Despite some inconsistent writing, fans never stopped loving the fallen angel.

However, not all rabid fans share the same views on Cas. On Reddit, where many fans of the show debate various topics, there are some relatively unpopular opinions about the character.

His relationship with the Winchesters ruined his character

Even though the brotherly relationship between Sam and Dean is at the forefront of Supernatural, Castiel fits perfectly with them as the third member. For un Redditor, this relationship was not good for Cas. They claim: “His relationship with the Winchesters ruined him.”

But for most fans, it was the writing, if anything, that hurt Castiel’s character, and his relationship with the Winchester brothers was actually one of the most important and entertaining aspects of the character.

There should have been no angels

In season 3 of Supernatural, Fans got to know the angels, starting with Castiel before the likes of Uriel, Anna, Zachariah, and a ton more were revealed. Redditor AllWhiteInk think this shouldn’t have happened. They simply say that they “wish there were no angels.”

Without a doubt, the exploration of angels, heaven, and the angels’ civil war became narratively exhausting for some fans. Still, overall, most fans are happy to exist, given the number of good things, not least Castiel, that his existence brought to the public.

Lack of interaction with Sam is a fan service for Destiel fans

Destiel is a somewhat divisive subject, with most Supernatural fans apparently have strong opinions on the subject, but The puzzle Redditor thinks Destiel’s senders are the reason why Sam and Cas shared so few scenes.

Castiel and Sam are undoubtedly a couple who should have had more screen time together, but Redditor claims that “the fact that I have so little interaction with Sam just shows the amazing fan service for Destiel fans.” But not only would Destiel fans disagree with this, even non-Destiel senders probably don’t have this opinion.

Cas and the main characters as father figures are not good

When jack came Supernatural, added a new element to Cas’s character and life, making him the father of the young Nephilim. Redditor Thelaya He doesn’t like that this happened.

They say they “don’t like the main characters (in general, not just in spn) taking on parental roles.” This statement basically refers to Cas and then to a lesser extent Sam and Dean, but most fans of Cas and the last three seasons would agree that Cas is a father is completely sweet and a good element to the character. adored.

Cas should have died and Crowley should have survived, not vice versa

Crowley died prematurely in the season 12 finale, never to return, while Cas died only to return in season 13. Fans were used to Cas returning, but expected Crowley to do the same. But Redditor Fedors_Wand he thinks the opposite should have happened.

They say that Cas, “Should have been killed in season 11 or 12”, and that Crowley should have stayed. All the fans wish Crowley had stayed or returned. However, most of Cas fans believe that he belonged to the show until the last season, even if dying and coming back was painfully unnecessary.

Castiel is overrated

Overall, Castiel sits with Crowley and Bobby in the race for the third best and most popular. Supernatural character, behind Sam and Dean, but Redditor Titivillus says Cas is overrated.

They simply state, “Castiel’s character is hugely overrated” before talking about his poor bows on the show. It’s not unpopular to say that Cas’s writing was inappropriate or that he and Sam should have spent more time on screen together, but saying it’s overrated won’t sit well with dedicated Cas fans.

It’s more of a burden on Sam and Dean

The road to hell is paved with good intentions, it is a saying that does not suit anyone better than Castiel, who always tries to do good, but often ends up causing serious damage. Redditor Mr-eXotiCz believes it became a burden on the children.

They say that Cas is their favorite character and that they are “just mad at the writers tbh.” They think he went from being a badass to a character who caused nothing but trouble for Sam and Dean. While this is partially true, calling Cas a burden on children when he helps them so much and has such a loving relationship with them can be a tough thing.

Cas misinterpreting things for comic relief is old

One of the funniest jokes about running Supernatural it’s Castiel’s constant confusion and inability to understand human nature and pop culture. AND Redditor Supes2005 does not like this. They say the joke “gets old after season 8”.

Of course, humor is subjective, and it’s understandable that it tires of Cas’s well of confusing moments. But for most fans, these are some of Castiel’s most memorable and fun moments, even beyond season 8.

He deserves a happy ending more than Sam and Dean

For 15 years, fans begged for a happy ending for the Winchester boys who suffered so much and did so much good throughout their lives. But Redditor LightMercy He thinks Cas deserved it more.

They “think he deserves a happy ending more than anyone else.” While fans wish Cas would have a happy ending, something that seems to have happened with his reconstruction of heaven with Jack, most fans would say he deserved it as much as Sam and Dean, not more than them.

Should only have been in a few episodes

Originally, according to Cheat sheet, Castiel was only written for a few episodes. He became so beloved so quickly that his role became one of more than a decade. But Redditor AllWhiteInk he hates Cas and doesn’t think his role should have lasted a year, never mind 12. They say, “It shouldn’t have been in Supernatural beyond the few episodes it was intended for.”

No matter the quality of Cas’s bows from season 6-8 onwards, most fans agree that they are happy that Cas stayed until at least season 5, if not until season 15. Few They really think the show was wrong to keep it past. its few originally scheduled episodes.

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