Tuesday, November 29

Soul Sacrifice and Freedom Wars will shut down their servers on PS VITA this December

Sad news for two of the best exclusives from the latest Sony laptop. The PlayStation website in Japan (goes Gaming Bolt) has officially announced the discontinuation of the online servers for both PS VITA titles, which will take place definitively on December 24. The closure of past generation console servers is an unavoidable measure, and in the case of PS VITA it is nothing new: LittleBigPlanet Vita closed its servers just a couple of months ago and the same happened with Killzone Mercenary, although it was unannounced in this case.

As we have highlighted, you have from today until December 24 to finish making the most of the online functionalities of both Soul Sacrifice like Freedom Wars. Both titles were designed with multiplayer in mindTherefore, the definitive closure of the servers will mean the loss of one of the most attractive features they had to offer. On the other hand, it should be remembered that the two games tried to make up for the lack of a title of Monster Hunter on the Sony laptop, a saga that was immensely popular on the PSP and that in the later generation most of its titles were published exclusively on 3DS.

Local features will still be available

Remember that even though you will no longer be able to play online, local features will remain active after server shutdown, so you can still take advantage of certain multiplayer features. Both games can be purchased through the PS Store, although You cannot buy them through Sony’s own laptop, but you will need a more modern device. Take advantage of the opportunity as soon as they attract your attention, since for now you can continue to buy PS VITA games.

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