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Shark Tank: all 13 seasons ranked according to IMDb

ABC’s reality series Shark Tank has proven that it can stand the test of time. Here are the thirteen seasons, ranked by IMDb voters.

The hit ABC series Shark tank It has stood the test of time and has thrived well beyond its first decade of seasons. The reality show’s simple concept and compelling judges have kept viewers coming back year after year and its consistency has made it a ratings hit.

Despite this consistency, some seasons have held up better than others, and their IMDb averages reflect this. Some episodes are successful due to great product launches and memorable moments, while others have great guest judges who keep fans tuned in each week.

13 Season 13 – 6.6

The most recent season of the show also has the lowest rating based on its average score. Although most episodes fall around the average score of 7.0, season 13 features the lowest-rated episode of the entire series at 4.9 for the season premiere.

Perhaps the remaining episodes that remain on the air will improve the average score, but as it stands now, 13 is by far the lowest.

12 Season 11 – 6.8

In the eleventh season of the show, the series began to show fatigue with its concept and it seems that the audience began to feel that it was a bit outdated. The IMDb rating drop eventually fell below 7.0 despite a slightly improved 10th season.

The lack of exciting celebrity judges made the eleventh season feel stale and tired. A show that lives and dies by its premise can also suffer due to the inherently repetitive nature of the series.

11 Season 12 – 7.0

Season 12 was the first produced during the pandemic, and technical limitations were obvious during the season. Despite that, season 12 was a rebound from the previous one, even if there was a great variety in scores from episode to episode.

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Season 12 scored as low as 6.4 and jumped as high as 7.5. Even with a drop in quality, Shark tank showed it might still be one of the funniest reality shows of all time when the sharks trashed a bad pitch.

10 Season 7 – 7.0

Season 7 was consistently inconsistent with episode ratings. Starting on a positive note with some 7.4+ episodes thanks to guest stars like Ashton Kutcher, the season slowly crept further and further up the ladder.

Eventually the episodes dropped below 7.0 and even hit 6.4 before it was over. The most interesting releases were saved for the first and last episode of the season, leaving the medium to sink, which was reflected in the interest of the audience.

9 Season 10 – 7.1

Subtitled “A Decade of Dreams,” the tenth season was affected by the fact that it was celebrating an anniversary.

Although he started off poorly with low scores thanks to uninteresting pitches, the season redeemed itself over time by putting his most interesting pitches last, raising the scores. The season has many episodes below 7.0, but the finale saved its average with a score of 7.9, one of the highest in the entire series.

8 Season 8 – 7.2

Season 8 began in a slump, with several episodes falling below the 7.0 mark. However, as the season progressed, he found his groove and had consistent good grades until the final episode, which was the highest of the season.

However, the quality of pitches throughout the season was disappointing overall, and the lack of big-name guest stars weighed on his average. Fortunately, the pitches improved towards the end and the final episode scored 7.7.

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7 Season 9 – 7.2

Season 9 is one of the most consistent seasons of the entire series. A handful of interesting guest stars, like Alex Rodriguez, throughout the season never allowed him to really collapse in quality in the eyes of the audience.

The score never fell below 7.0 and even reached 8.1 in the season premiere, with guest judge Richard Branson to help increase the score.

6 Season 6 – 7.3

The quality of the pitches saved Season 6, and the even distribution of good pitches throughout the season kept their scores fairly level. The season reached 7.7 but never dropped below 7.1 on IMDb and never lagged behind in the middle where most bad pitches are placed.

Season six showed that the series had staying power and could deliver consistent ratings even after having been around for half a decade.

5 Season 1 – 7.3

The show’s first season gets a boost for being the introduction to the show. The cast is the same in every episode and its characters have a chance to develop.

The first season wasn’t the best the show would ever be, but it still succeeded in some way to ensure the show was acclaimed, including many Emmy wins. The pitches are fresh, and while the show hadn’t found its place, the relatively short season allows the judges to shine.

4 Season 4 – 7.4

Season 4 was the first season the show expanded to its full production schedule of more than twenty episodes.

Despite expanding to a longer format, the show proved it could maintain a level of excellence throughout with episodes rarely scoring below 7.4. A slew of celebrity cameos also helped boost the show as it had started to attract bigger and bigger stars.

3 Season 5 – 7.4

By season five, the show had begun to come to life and had completely defined its format. On top of that, it was expanded to a full 29-episode roster, the longest season to date. Despite the expansion, the caliber of the episodes remained constant and never fell below 7.0 on IMDb.

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The strength of season 5 is the groupings of releases per episode, as well as surprising guest appearances from other shows such as Survivor. More importantly, the shark lineup had finally solidified, with Lori Grenier and Mark Cuban becoming full-time hosts.

2 Season 3 – 7.6

During the third season, Mark Cuban signed on to be a full-time cast member after previously appearing as a guest. Additionally, Lori Grenier was a regular guest throughout the season and proved that she would be a great permanent member of the cast.

Season 3 saw the show expand to 15 episodes, and the quality didn’t waver from that. Several of the season’s episodes scored above 8.0 and none fell below 7.1. As the show found its voice, it became one of the best reality shows thanks to consistently good pitches and fantastic celebrity guests.

1 Season 2 – 7.6

Although it is only nine episodes long, the second season featured the greatest excellence within its short span. Season 2 features the highest rated episode of the entire series with 8.4, a high score for any series, let alone a reality show.

The season never dropped below 7.2 and maintained an overall level of quality to which they would aspire the rest of the seasons. The second season assured Shark tankin primetime television and was one of the main reasons the show still airs today.

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