Monday, December 5

Qualcomm and Razer prepare a portable console to play streaming according to sources

Qualcomm is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of SoC (processors with integrated graphics) for mobile devices that has given life to a multitude of Android phones and that with its Snapdragon range has specialized in gaming mobiles.

A few hours ago the brand shared its plans for 2022 among which are new models of its SoCs, cutting-edge technologies for mobile devices and a small surprise, the existence of a portable console manufactured in collaboration with Razer that has appeared in some leaked images of the presentation event.

For now, in this talk Qualcomm has shown a development kit of this new console that, according to the Videocardz portal (one of the most prestigious when it comes to handling GPU leaks), would be focused on offer the best streaming gaming experience supporting services like Xbox Game Cloud and even being able to perform streamings of our favorite games from our console or desktop PC.

This gaming platform will offer a collar OLED with a refresh rate of 120 Hz y HDR as well as a battery of 6000 mAh superior to that of many of the mobiles that we find today in the market.

A new interaction for Razer in the world of mobile devices

If this console is confirmed beyond the leaked images (being a development kit it could stay in a prototype that does not go on sale) it would be a Razer’s new interaction within the world of mobile devices after launching his own phones a few years ago as well as a gaming tablet that he announced and distributed in 2014 on a small scale (only in the United States) and on which he renewed a patent in 2019.

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What do you think of the arrival of a portable console designed especially for cloud gaming?

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