Tuesday, November 29

Nuclear Corps, now available on PS4 and PS5 • Console and Dashboard

Nuclear Corps it is already a reality on PS4 and PS5. Through the PlayStation Store, we can get this title from Jokoga Interactive. The action is guaranteed. However, we won’t expect to see the typical young, lithe, and lean lead characters. The ‘yayos’ are protagonists, trying to fix what they themselves have ‘built’.


Jokoga Interactive has been inspired by something as real as Fukushima’s radiation escape. Veterans of the land of the rising sun volunteered with the plot. A) Yes, Nuclear Corps focuses on this group of veterans, who enter the nuclear power plant to face what is housed there.

Each of the protagonists will have their own abilities. Relying on them, we will face hordes of mutant creatures. Lola, Dordok and Smartie will be in charge of bring decency back to this gloomy placeAll so that future generations will no longer worry about the failures of the past.

We can get hold of this Nuclear Corps in the PS Store of PS4 and PS5. The premiere is accompanied by a traditional launch trailer. In just over 30 seconds, we discover its aesthetics and part of its world (dangers included). As a curiosity, the development of the video game has been carried out in Bilbao.


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